Finding downed game or positively identifying a noise in the night have both gotten easier with the introduction of the Leupold LTO-Tracker.

Using state-of-the-art thermal technology, the LTO-Tracker can spot a heat signature behind dense brush, differentiating it from the ambient air temperature and displaying it on the LCD screen.

With six different selectable color filters, the LTO-Tracker is useable in a variety of environments and temperatures; and can even be used in broad daylight, because it registers heat instead of bouncing infrared light, like most night vision devices.

The LTO-Tracker has a variable 6X digital zoom that can be accessed quickly by simply pressing a button. A user actuated reticle can be used for pinpointing your target.

The handheld unit is compact and weighs just 7.4 ounces and is just 5.6 inches long and easily fits in a shirt pocket.

The LTO-Tracker is waterproof, so it can be used in the elements. It has a detection range of 600 yards and a 21-degree field of view. It will register temperatures from -40 up to 572 degrees Fahrenheit and can operate in temperatures between -4- to 140-degrees Fahrenheit. The 1.22” diameter round 30 Hz FastFrame LCD screen provides excellent optical clarity with 240x204 resolution, which is excellent for a thermal imager.

It will run for up to 10 hours continuously on the included single lithium CR123 battery and shuts off after 15 minutes of inactivity to conserve battery life. Three easy access buttons provide power and user interface to cycle between features and color filters.

The display will show the subject in red, green, white hot, black hot or hi-white or hi-black with multicolor thermal highlights.

The LTO-Tracker is machined from aircraft aluminum for a durable outer housing and is covered by Leupold’s 5-year electronic warranty. It is designed, machined and assembled in the United States.

Whether you are trying to find a wounded animal, tracking a fugitive, checking out that noise outside at night or scouting hogs or coyotes at night where it is legal to do so, the LTO-Tracker gives you a decided edge in finding heat-producing mammals in the dark or thick brush. It can also pick up a blood trail, helping you track and recover an animal.

From sniping your buddy in a nighttime game of paintball, to improving situational awareness around your domain, the LTO-Tracker has a multitude of uses. In areas where it is legal to use for hunting, the LTO-Tracker can improve your ability to harvest and track your prey. Check it out at your local Sportsman’s Warehouse gift bar.