With so many choices today in rangefinders, it is hard for the consumer to decide which one is right for them. Leupold has helped you make that decision by introducing the new RX-850i TBR.

Leupold has gone above and beyond by introducing the RX-850i featuring their (DNA) or Digitally eNhanced Accuracy Technology, True Ballistic Range and Trophy Scale capabilities.

The Leopold RX-850i is a revolutionary, range-finding device that incorporates advanced digital electronics with a state of the art ballistics algorithm. Featuring six times magnification, three selectable reticles to choose from, four different True Ballistic Range correction methods, and a long-lasting battery, all housed in a durable and waterproof body.

Whether you’re hunting giant elk in Arizona or mule deer in Colorado, the Leopuold RX-850i TBR lets you instantly and accurately judge the width and height of a target using their Trophy Scale technology. Once the baseline value has been saved, the Trophy Scale bracketing system will automatically adjust to changing distances to the target.

The True Ballistic Range for bows is designed to provide the equivalent horizontal range for arrows. As an example, if you have a 40-yard shot line of sight and a 40-degree incline, the RX-850i adjusts automatically telling you to aim as if the target was at 30.6 yards. This feature also works for rifles.

The Leupold RX-850i, with its Digitally Enhanced Accuracy, gives you an almost instant range reading within one tenth of a yard, against any background or color. The TBR calculates the range out to 800 yards accurately. After 800 yards, the rangefinder will provide you with a line of sight distance out to 1,000, giving you true line-of-sight and angle compensation, depending on the angle of the shot.

The RX-850i TBR feature provides settings for seven different rifle cartridge groups. This feature allows you to choose your weapon, bullet of choice and enter the information into the rangefinder. The display will account for the shot angle and provide the proper distance for holdover based on the weapon you are shooting. This amazing feature allows you to have precise shooting with any change in elevation or distance, vastly improving your confidence in making that shot during any hunting situation.

Another great feature is the continuous measurement of a moving target or multiple targets.

The Leupold RX-850i with its Digitally Enhanced Accuracy, Trophy Scale capabilities and True Ballistic Range, make it a perfect choice for today’s trophy hunter.