Nightforce pulled out all the stops with this compact, yet extremely versatile 3.6-pound tripod. I spent some time with this little powerhouse and I must say, it is sure to be a go-to for many outdoor enthusiasts out there.

One of the first things you will notice is the 3.6-pound package as you take it out of the box. As I carried it on several different outings while testing it out, it proved itself to be ultra-lightweight, with excellent balance.

The multi-purpose design was well thought out with a variety of uses. The most obvious uses are as a tripod or as an ideal shooting rest, but they didn’t stop there. Nightforce made it easily transformable, with the ability to turn into a monopod, not to mention the ability to completely take off two legs that become excellent lightweight, fully adjustable trekking poles. They accomplished this in carbon fiber, one of the most advanced, durable, lightweight materials available.

Whether you are a hunter, shooter, hiker, photographer, or videographer; there are a variety of ways this tripod will become a mainstay on many trips and backpacks across the globe.

The range of adjustability in this standard tripod is phenomenal, with a height range from 23 inches to 64 inches, giving it all around versatility. Then you have the low-profile configuration that can get you down to a stable nine inches above the ground. This makes it an excellent support from the prone shooting position or a low-profile support for your spotter while shooting in the prone position.

The two removable legs make rapidly and easily convert the tripod into into the trekking poles that weigh a mere nine ounces each and give you 16 to 50 inches of adjustability. When you secure the ball head to one of the removable legs you then have a completely adjustable monopod which gives you a wide range of adjustment from 19.5 inches to 67.5 inches.

One of the items that may tend to get overlooked is the spring hook at the bottom of the center carbon fiber rod. This became very handy during windy conditions, as I would hang my pack or even a full thermos from it to make it steadier as I was glassing with my spotter. Windy conditions are about the only time I wish I had my heavier aluminum tripod. This feature makes for a steadier field of view while glassing and I was no longer wishing for a heavier tripod during windy weather.

With all these amenities packed into this lightweight, ever versatile tripod, it will end up being an indispensable companion for your outdoor activities.