Elk and mule deer season is closing in and when it comes to hunting game in the field, you need to know that you can trust the quality, durability and most importantly, the clarity of your optics and with a history as rich and influential as Nikon, you’ll always know you can trust their products. This year, Nikon is looking to take the crown in the advanced optics field with the new Monarch field scope and man, does it look convincing.

This spotting scope is great for a wide variety of uses and from bird-hunting to tracking that massive buck, it will provide a clear and precise image every time. Nikon brings their new extra-low dispersion glass, which prevents chromatic aberration and Field Flattener technology for edge-to-edge sharpness to the table, providing an image which competes with other spotters far outside of its price range.

The sturdy construction of this scope gives piece of mind when taking it out on those harsh back country trips and with the included full-body cover, you never have to worry about the safety of your glass. With the 82mm version of the scope, you get magnification from 20x to 60x, meaning you can find game in a wide variety of situations, with little to no compromise.

When it comes to low-light conditions, the Monarch brings a lot to the table and that becomes more important when discerning the details on that mule deer of a lifetime’s rack in the brush. Using their extra-low dispersion or ED glass, Nikon created a low light monster that delivers a clear field of view and rich contrast in the heat of the hunt.

Ever get tired of endlessly spinning the focusing ring on your scope, only to miss the animal you were so desperately searching for? This problem is solved with the focusing ring on the Monarch field scope. The ring provides different focusing speeds for optimal operation, as well as fine focus for distant subjects and rougher adjustment for objects that are much closer. This is all accomplished through Nikon’s nonlinear focusing movement, which guarantees you will have the accuracy to find your subject with an effortless movement.

The eyepiece was designed exclusively for the Monarch field scope, providing both a wide field of view and sufficiently long eye relief. Thus, not only is this scope a joy to use, but it’s also designed to battle the toughest conditions and weather. The three new MEP eyepieces are IPX-67 rated, meaning that when attached to the scope, they will withstand water up to a meter deep for thirty minutes, ensuring safe use during even the most unexpected weather changes. On top of the weatherproofing, the Monarch’s eyepiece is filled with nitrogen gas, preventing water or fog buildup.

When it comes to quality glass and optics, Nikon has proved once again that they compete with the biggest names and from the weekend bird hunting adventurer, to the avid trophy mule deer hunter, we can all agree that this field scope comes in with a great value and an unbeatable price.