Filling your tag is one thing, but getting your game from the field to the freezer is another. Outdoor Edge has you covered for every aspect of this part of your hunting and game processing. We have been using the Outdoor Edge line of products here at Sportsman’s News for over ten years now. David Bloch is the owner, designer, and producer of these great products. There is a reason that he always delivers products to the market that are just what we as hunters need and at an affordable price. This is because he is a hardcore hunter himself and he spends lots of time in the field to know what we need.

From the minute you pull the trigger and need a knife, the Swingblade is a solid go-to piece of equipment. It is two knives in one. The first is a drop point skinner with a razor sharp edge and has the ability to break down any and all animals. With the push of a button and the flip of a blade, you have a world class gutting blade that won’t cut the intestines and taint your hard earned protein. It allows you to cut under the skin and not through the hair, which allow your skinner to stay sharp for multiple uses. This setup comes as a standalone knife or a in a knife/saw combo pack,  which I prefer. The saw is always handy for splitting rib cages or more importantly, for clearing an area for world-class trophy photos.

If sharpening knives isn’t in your wheelhouse, the Razor-lite series is the perfect resource for all of your knife needs. It is a replaceable-blade knife that always has you using a razor sharp blade. The black-oxide coated blade holder provides an extra strong support for these blades, which allows you to apply side pressure when caping, and eliminates the worry of breaking blades like competitors brands.

Once your trophy is back to camp, breaking it down into serving sized portions can be done with many of the numerous processing kits available. The Wild-Lite is the lightest of all the Outdoor Edge processing kits,  yet has all you need to break down any of the North American game animals. The Wild-Pak is the next step up and has a few more accessories, and the Game Processor is the Mack Daddy of all knife sets and has everything you need for processing game from moose to mackeral. Each of these kits come in a hard side carry case which fits in your pack, truck, or storage cabinet.
Outdoor Edge has everything you can possibly need for game processing and at a price anyone can afford.