Having a razor sharp folding knife in the field to dress your game isn’t just a figurative way of saying you have a sharp knife. Not anymore. Outdoor Edge makes an entire series of surgically sharp knives that allow you to quickly and easily swap out your blade when it gets dull. The Razor Series of knives uses 3.5-inch Japanese 420J2 stainless steel blades sharpened to a surgical edge. These blades come with a scalpel edge and because of their heat treating, hold that edge longer than a standard razor blade.

The Outdoor Edge Razor series knives are required gear on every outing the Sportsman’s News team makes into the field. Unlike other knives on the market that also use replaceable blades, the Outdoor Edge Razor Series knives quickly swap in the field without tools by simply pushing a button and sliding the old blade out of the handle. New blades slide in and click to let you know they are properly seated. The Razor Series blades are less likely to snap as well. Because every Razor Series knife has a blade holder wrapped around the back of the knife, it prevents the blade from flexing and snapping.

The Razor Series knives come in a variety of configurations for dressing game to laying linoleum to opening boxes. And the price of the knives and the replacement blades is sure to make them your go-to edge when you are looking for that precision cutting tool. And each knife comes with six replacement blades in the package.

Razor-Lite and Razor-Blaze
The Razor-Lite and Razor-Blaze are the first in the series and have been used on more trips by our staff than any of the others. Featuring a lockback design in a folding knife, the rubberized TPR handle ensures a great grip, even when wet with blood. Available with a black handle on the Razor-Lite and a hunter safety orange handle on the Razor-Blaze, these knives are a workhorse for dressing your trophy. The Blaze comes in a Mossy Oak camo sheath and the Lite comes in a black nylon sheath with a belt loop for attaching to your waist or to a pack.

Razor-Pro and Razor-Pro Saw Combo
After using the Razor-Lite for years, the one tool that we missed the most was the gutting blade of the Swing-Blaze, because it slides through the hide and hair of an animal like a zipper. Outdoor Edge added a second blade, a 7Cr17 Stainless gutting blade, to the Razor-Lite so that you can quarter, skin, and gut, all with the same tool. To make it even more versatile, they offer the Razor-Pro in a combo with their folding pocket saw to cut through bone or wood in the field.

Razor-Lite EDC
With all the features of the Razor-Lite the Every Day Carry version features double molded Grivory handles with rubberized TPR inserts for a non-slip grip, even when wet. The double-sided thumb stud allows easy, one-hand opening and the replaceable pocket clip contours with the handle so it feels like an integral part of the grip. The Razor-Lite EDC is available with orange, blue, or gray handles and is a perfect daily use companion.