By Shane Chuning

With a very competitive market in quality glass, Vortex Optics continues to up their game at producing one of the finest spotting scopes on the market today.

The new Razor HD is setting a new standard in high-end optical technology, precision craftsmanship and ultra-sleek functionality.  They look to shine as one of the top choices in the market today.

So what’s different about the new 2016 Vortex Razor HD vs. last year’s Razor HD? Definitely a valid question, since the name remains the same. Well, the answer is practically everything. Here are a couple key features to make note of about the changes in 2016.

Available in 22-48x65 and 27-60x85 models, these spotters boast an all-new wide angle design that serves up a much greater field of view throughout the zoom range. To give an example, at 27X, this year’s Razor 85mm spotter has the same field of view as its predecessor on 20X.  This is really an area of improvement for me personally. This is huge, so you really are not missing out on the low end magnification. Anything lower than that, you might as well use your binos.

Another item to note is the smooth-as-silk and ultra-sleek helical-style focus. You will easily dial in on subjects with razor sharp focus for optimal viewing, while keeping the body of the spotter trim for easy packing.

The glass and prisms are improved on this year’s model with the edge going to the new 2016 Razor HD for finer viewing quality. They have upped their game there as well, bringing you even better, brilliant, true-to-life views. It has remarkable clarity, resolution and color accuracy, all while keeping great distortion-free images with unmatched edge-to-edge sharpness.

Throw in the superb quality features from last year’s Razor HD like the XR Plus coatings for maximum light transmission, Plasma Tech, ArmorTek, Argon Gas and Dielectric Coatings and you have the new and improved 2016 Vortex Razor HD.

Don’t let the same name fool you, this new and improved Vortex Razor HD is well worth the look. This is one spotter that will definitely be in many packs in the years to come. Whether you are a hunter, marksman or observation enthusiast - it is sure to bring you years of quality use. And as with all Vortex products, it is covered by their legendary, lifetime, unconditional, no-fault warranty.