A compact and rugged 10x42 quality binocular with a built-in laser rangefinder with angle compensation, scan mode and line of sight capability for a great value, is what you will get from the Vortex Fury HD.

The Fury HD is a great quality set of binos in a rubberized housing for a sure grip on the outside, with premium optics on the inside. The roof prisms are phase coated to provide better clarity and light gathering in a more compact package. Nitrogen purging prevents moisture and thermal shock and keeps the inside of the tubes bone dry for better viewing in a variety of environments. The XR lens coatings provide water, dust, scratch, smudge and fog proofing on the external surfaces of the lenses to ensure optimum viewing and clarity.

Other features include tapered multi-position rotating eye cups for more comfort and better eye relief with or without glasses. An adjustable diopter on the left eye allows compensation for visual acuity between the eyes. An easily accessed center focus knob makes it easy to achieve crisp focus, even while wearing gloves.

In addition to being great binoculars in their own right, the addition of a precision laser rangefinder gives the Fury HD a decided edge.

With a single-finger control panel, the Fury can be activated and set for either meters or yards, by pressing one of the two rubberized buttons on the right top side of the binos and they can be held and operated with just one hand. A bright red, simple and easy to use display inside the right tube provides your choice of LOS (line of sight), HCD (Horizontal Component Distance) or Scan to retrieve range data from various points while glassing across a field.

The Fury HD uses HCD (Horizontal Component Distance) angle-compensated ranging technology to give bow and rifle shooters the critical distance data needed to make accurate shots. It is capable of ranging reflective targets to 1600 yards with an ultra-fast readout.

The combination of a great set of binoculars, fully functional laser rangefinder and the Vortex Optics world famous VIP unconditional lifetime warranty make the Vortex Fury HD a great piece of gear for your next hunt.

Checkout the quality and performance of the Vortex Fury HD Laser Rangefinding Binoculars at your local Sportsman’s Warehouse optics counter and see the difference for yourself.