From the beginner to the true seasoned professional, we as humans all seem to have an ability to notice quality. We use our senses, with all our information gathering capabilities firing at speeds we don’t understand, to in the blink of an eye distinguish almost subconsciously true genius from ordinary tech.

From the bird watcher, to the hard-core hunter, to the optics connoisseur, quality is recognized by all. When you hold a pair of Zeiss binos in the palm of your hand and press the pristine glass to the eye sockets, you take in that crystal-clear image, with 92% light transmission, arguably one of the best optical experiences in the world.

The SF Black from Zeiss optics has balanced its weight toward the eyepieces by mounting the majority of the lenses in the front portion of the barrel, instead of placing them in the objective portion, moving the center of gravity, allowing them to balance in your hand. This feature allows for less fatigue and strain, enabling you to hold them steady while glassing for long hours. The SF Black weighs in at 27.5 ounces, making them as lightweight as it gets in the high-end binocular industry.

The foundation of this fine piece of optical perfection is the new FL lens, designed to achieve new levels of resolution and color vibrancy. It’s 10x42 configuration allows for a crystal-clear image of 360 feet field of view and 1000 yards horizontal field of view. The Smart Focus Concept introduced by the Victory SF Binoculars allows for the closest to the farthest maximum focus distance to be achieved by 1.8 times rotation of the wheel, where as conventional binoculars require the wheel to be turned two full revolutions for maximum to minimum focus distance. This makes it possible to focus near and far with speed and ease for the fast action, multi-distance scenarios where quick focus is key for that critical moment of clarity.

When making the call to move into an investment such as the Victory SF Binos Black, you can be confident that Zeiss stands behind their products with a no fault limited lifetime transferable warranty and a tag line that states, “If it breaks, we’ll fix it, period”. This newly developed 7-layer eye piece system, with field flattener technology, is quality that no matter who you are, your senses will remind you that you are participating in the best of the best. Stop in at your local Sportsman’s Warehouse and put your senses to the test to truly see, smell, hear and feel what true quality is all about.