For judging distance to an animal or landmark in the field, having a rangefinder that reaches a greater distance is a useful tool. The Vortex Razor HD 4000 gives you accurate readings on an animal out to 1,600 yards, and on landscape objects like trees, out to 1,800 yards. When switched to Extended Laser Range (ELR) mode, the rangefinder will take longer but is able to range a deer-sized animal at around 2,000 yards and a reflective hard surface, such as a rock, at around 4,000 yards.

Nobody is expecting ethical hunters to try to make a shot at 4,000 yards, but Vortex created the Razor HD 4000 for the hunter trying to determine the distance he needs to cover to get into range of his game. This information allows him to determine how long it will take and also choose the best route to get within shooting distance.

The seven-power magnification of the Razor HD 4000 allows you to see more details of the animal and the terrain and the special coatings enhance clarity, light gathering, and protect the lens surfaces from scratching, dust, and moisture. The coatings also reduce color aberrance. The 25mm objective lens design increases field of view and optimizes the edge to edge eye box view. The field of view at 1,000 yards is 341.25 feet or 6.5 degrees.

The All Weather Capable (AWC) technology allows the Razor HD 4000 to return ranges even in adverse weather such as fog, drizzle, mist, and snow.

The Razor HD 4000 can operate in two modes; the default Horizontal Component Distance (HCD) or Line of Sight (LOS). HCD computes the compensated distance based upon the angle. If an animal is above you and you are shooting upward, the computed distance is much shorter than the actual range for an accurate shot. For those using a ballistic calculator that computes distance and angle, the LOS mode gives you accurate DOPE for your calculations.

The Razor HD 4000 will also measure your first target and then allow you to scan, locking in your nearest target distance. A quick click of the ranging button in normal mode will give you the range to the indicated target. Holding the button will allow you to scan for up to 20 seconds, sending you various distances.

The Razor HD 4000 is small and lightweight, measuring 4.49 inches long by only 1.34 inches thick by 3 inches tall, and weighs just 9.9 ounces, so it is compact enough to easily stow in a pocket. It also includes a reversible pocket clip that can be quickly positioned on either side. The easy access battery compartment allows easy swapping of the single CR2 battery.