When you walk into the doors of Sportsman’s Warehouse with the intention of buying a riflescope, you want to look at all the features and benefits as well as the clarity and functionality, and the Zeiss Conquest V4 series has numerous different models to choose from and perform excellently in this department.

These scopes have a 30mm tube and .25 MOA click values. They are a second focal plane which means that your reticle stays the same size at every magnification setting. The second focal plane is desired by many long-range shooters due to the fact that the subtensions don’t cover up more of the target for long -range shooting. The 4-16x50 is one of the most popular configurations for field use. The 4 power is excellent for extremely close up shots in the trees, but the 16 power will bring those thousand-yard targets up close and personal for precise shooting. It comes with external elevation turrets which makes adjusting for that specific yardage quick and easy. When you return back to zero, the Zeiss ballistic stop ensures an absolute and positive return to zero. This zero stop is on all exposed turret option scopes.

The one thing that you can’t see or plan for is what happens when your scope meets the real world. I know that we all do the very best to take care of our prized possessions and especially these scopes that could very well be the difference in connecting on that trophy of a lifetime or missing. What I mean by this is what happens when your rifle falls out of the scabbard on your ATV or when you lean it up against a tree and it falls over onto a big rock. What about leaning it up against the truck and then taking off. I once found a rifle in the middle of the road and as we got out of the vehicle to check it out, the owner realized that his children didn’t put his rifle in the car, but on the car. He had turned around to backtrack and see if he could find his prized possession.

These are all things that I’ve witnessed happening in over 30 years of hunting. Nobody is going to let you bang on these scopes and put them through this torture test to see if it is something you want to buy, but we sure have. We have replicated some of these exact situations and a few more to see just how durable they can be. Most importantly, are they still functional and on target once we put them through this torture test.