ZEISS unveils its newest and ultimate binocular laser rangefinder, Made in Germany, the Victory RF. The family consists of four model configurations: 8 x 42, 10 x 42, 8 x 54, and 10 x 54. All models are Bluetooth enabled and they sync to the ZEISS Hunting App.

The Victory RF models not only represent ZEISS’s super-premium product offering in this category, but also establishes a resounding and definitive new standard for all future binocular laser rangefinders. Innovative design, advanced performance, and smart connectivity to the digital world provides the foundational development parameters of the all new Victory RF models.

Enhanced ergonomics are quickly and clearly appreciated as the architecture incorporates a proven double-link-bridge construction with smooth and unimpeded lines – making them easy to hold and use for extended viewing sessions. The lightweight magnesium housing affords no protrusions or bulges to push against the chest while carrying them or while trying to simply hold the device for a quick ranging opportunity. These are sleek, compact, and extremely manageable for carry, observation, and ranging. With the two control buttons cleverly positioned on the top of the binocular barrels and in close proximity to the focus wheel, and the index fingers, the user can easily range with either hand. This eliminates the need for awkward hand placement and continuous finger stretch. All of this is due to the ZEISS’ ComfortFocus Concept. The two control buttons are also able to be programmed for either right- or left-handed operation.

Innovation is obvious, as the clean lines dictate that the laser and electronic components are engineered to be housed within the barrel of the binoculars. This contributes to the overall package being compact as well as easy to transport and use. ZEISS’ state of the art engineering uses a class one laser to ensure absolute consumer safety, and maximizes the boundaries of this technology. ZEISS pushed the limits of the Victory RF models, and was able to achieve 16-2,500 yards capable binocular laser rangefinders, in reference to hard targets, using better algorithms and a narrower divergence pattern for the laser.

The smart connectivity, via Bluetooth technology, with the ZEISS Hunting App, gives the user easy access to a host of ballistic information and tables to save to the device. There are nine pre-established ballistic profile inputs. Also, the user can input and store up to another nine custom ballistic profiles within the RF models. The Victory RF digital menus are user-friendly, easy to navigate, manipulate, and reference. The user can select various output data, to include inches, centimeters, MILs, or MOA units of measure for sight correction. The Victory RF doesn’t need to be connected to the ZEISS Hunting App to work. The App allows for easier, faster, and enhanced menu setting options.

ZEISS’ integrated B.I.S. II technology incorporates an on-board ballistic calculator and on-board environmental sensors, which ensures exact data output. Various data points are stored within the internal memory. This data can include shooting angle, temperature, and air pressure. When computed through the internal ballistic solver this data yields an appropriate “shoot to” range solution. The local weather data can also be obtained via the updated ZEISS Hunting App. With one press of the button, range, angle, equivalent horizontal distance, and holdover values – to include individual click correction, can be quickly displayed. The Victory RF will provide ballistic solutions from 16 yards up to 2,500 yards. The ballistic solver is comprehensive, powerful, and fast.

The Victory RF models allow for three data points to be displayed in the field of view. The user can select their preferred three data points via menu configuration. The illumination intensity for the data can also be controlled and adjusted via the menu options. Each model is powered by a CR2 type battery. The ZEISS optical design and SCHOTT glass delivers a sharper, clearer, and higher fidelity image compared to previous models. The Victory RF models are backed by the ZEISS Limited Lifetime Transferable Warranty and Five Year No-Fault Policy. The device’s electronics are covered for five years. Combined, these assets are what make the all-new ZEISS Victory RF binocular laser rangefinder the coveted leader in its class, with retail pricing beginning at $3,249.99. Find out more about the Victory RF models at www.zeiss.com/us/sports-optics. Initial delivery of the all-new Victory RF models is expected summer of 2018.