In 2018 Zeiss Sport Optics came out with the “New Victory RF Binoculars” and I was fortunate enough to be one of the first people outside the Zeiss company to have them in their hands. We did a thorough video product review on them as well as how to set up the entire ballistic profile on several rifle and load combinations to help you get the most out of these innovative new optics. Now that we are half way through 2019, we wanted to give you an updated video review and show you how they performed under all situations.

Being in the Zeiss Victory line of products, you expect the very best in the glass, coatings, and optically and throughout the last year, they have performed above expectations. We make a name and a reputation for ourselves finding and harvesting great animals and these optics were instrumental in that during all of the 2018 hunting season. Zeiss delivered four models when they launched which are the 8x42, 10x42, 8x54, and 10x54. We tested the 10x54 model and purchased them at the completion of the review, but have yet to have any experience with the other models. Our test model is 7.68” high by 5.35” wide and they tip the scales at right at 39.33 ounces (2 lbs 2.46 ounces). Our initial view of these RF binoculars is that they didn’t show any indication of being anything more than just binoculars at first glance. No odd shaped barrels, not overly large, or have protruding buttons which you kind of expect in an RF Bino. They are just a sleek looking set of binos.

These are much more than rangefinding binoculars as we experienced over the past year. The smart technology within the binos and the Zeiss Hunting app which is your platform to unleash the technology of this specific product and is paired via Bluetooth technology is amazing. The rangefinder itself is marketed as capable of ranging out to 2,500 plus yards, but in our year of usage we haven’t gotten a range that far, but 2,200-2,300 is always easily achieved and done in all sorts of weather conditions. Rain, sleet, snow, and fog play havoc on numerous products of this sort, but the Zeiss never caused us a missed opportunity. Our longest range on record with this model was 2,465 yards, which gets very close to Zeiss’ advertised range. When paired with the app, you can literally plug in thousands of different ammunition and bullet combinations within its database to match your current shooting system and if you hand load, you can plug in this data as well. When you range to your target it is important to note that this is corrected data which means that this unit has taken in the barometric pressure, altitude, and temperature, as well as all your input ballistic data and issued me the corrected data in order to make an extremely accurate shot. This is truly the best optics and rangefinder combination we have ever had the opportunity to put in our hands.

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