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Call it old school, un-PC or connecting with my inner Paleo, but I still believe that anglers should eat some of their catch. After all, the circle of life ...

Cooking Fishing

Hunting season is once again almost upon us. The excitement of planning, preparing, conditioning and shooting will all soon be over and the day of the big ...


By John N. Felsher

The tiny cork offering landed in a pocket between two large weedbeds and sat motionless for a few moments until the ripples ...


Part 1 of a 3 part series on Pacific Northwest albacore tuna fishing – written exclusively for Sportsman’s News

By Wayne Harmond


By Gary Lewis

Two Face, that barn door halibut, that crusher of bait as big as salmon is on the prowl

Again the intrepid caped ...


By Dan Kidder
Managing Editor

Getting the lay of the land of an area you will be hunting used to mean hours and miles of hiking or trying...


By Terry T. Clapp

Conflicted Shooter or Hunter
It is not necessary for me to pontificate on the merits of wing shooting in South Dakota. ...


Here at La Cueva del Fishful, we get lots of questions about tackle. Some are vague, some specific and I try to answer each of them with as much detail as ...