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We all make New Year’s Resolutions. To be more frugal, lose weight, etc. Here's a list of Ten New Year’s Resolutions specifically for the outdoorsman & woman...

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Think about your intended use, assess your favorite lures and techniques, apply the information and you’ll end up with a rod that is best suited to your needs.


The world is vast and the adventures are waiting, it takes research and planning but the memories you create will make every step of preparation well worth it.

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Random practice without structure will not bring the desired results and most of the time, will implement so-called “bad habits” and degrade your marksmanship.


Waterfowl hunting is thrilling. There's nothing like calling in a flock of ducks or geese & having them set their wings & back-pedal into your decoy spread ...


To be great at anything, practice is essential. Some days you’ll be killing it and doing the best you have ever done, and on other days, you just won’t be ...


5 simple steps to long-range accuracy in the Golden Age of the Rifle. Rifle, optics, & cartridge have to be harnessed in a pre-hunt ritual called sighting-in...

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We’re all busy, but taking just a few minutes after every hunt and every shoot to clean your shotgun will ensure that your favorite gun will last a lifetime...

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One extremely valuable lesson in taking trophy photos is that there is usually one pose or angle that will show this trophy to be as good as it can possibly be.

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With the vast array of after-market shotgun chokes available today, choosing the right one for your gun can seem a daunting task. Keep these few tips in mind.