By Dan Kidder
Managing Editor

Nothing beats exploring the outdoors with your best four-legged friend. But even the most intrepid explorers are likely to run into the occasional accident. Having a properly stocked first aid kit can help you keep exploring, or even stabilize an injury until you can get back to civilization. The same holds true for your dog.

Adventure Medical Kits, makers of the best first aid kits for the outdoors, has created their Adventure Dog Series of first aid products for your canine companion. The kits come in three sizes, The Heeler, The Trail Dog, and the Me and My Dog and all contain hospital and veterinary quality supplies.

front-leg_injury-medThe Me and My Dog kits provide a good selection of products that will serve double duty for patching up both humans and dogs and is large enough for a group of people and dogs. It can be carried in a pack, vehicle, bicycle, camper, or stored at home in case of a mishap with your furry or furless friends. It contains a pet first aid guide, as well as Dr. Eric Weiss’ Comprehensive Guide to Wilderness and Travel Medicine, which is a gold mine of medical knowledge.  Two waterproof medical pouches contain bandages, tapes, elastics, and other medical supplies that you might have need for in the outdoors and they store inside a durable nylon pack with heavy-duty zippers and carry handles. The Me and My Dog kit also includes basic instruments like shears, an irrigation syringe, forceps, and a tick remover.

The Trail Dog and the Heeler are both strictly for canine use, but the supplies are sterile and would be suitable in an emergency for use by a human if there was nothing else available. The Trail Dog contains a single waterproof, resealable pouch inside of a nylon bag and contains products for wounds and sprains, as well as a pair of forceps for removing ticks and thorns. It also has the Pet First Aid Guide. Both the Me and My Dog and the Trail Dog kits also contain pet safe aspirin and antihistamine. Never give your pet acetaminophen or ibuprofen.

The Heeler is a resealable waterproof pouch that will easily fit in a cargo pocket, or better yet, in your dogs hiking vest. It has antihistamine for allergic reactions and basic wound and sprain/strain care.

Take care of your best hiking companion on your next trip and check out the Adventure Medical Kits Adventure Dog Series of first aid products at your local Sportsman’s Warehouse.