Picking the right tent for your situation is a big decision. There are so many questions to ask and if you haven’t spent a lot of time in a tent, you don’t even know where to start. Do you need a freestanding tent, three or four seasons tent, double wall or single wall. The questions go on and on.

Over the past six months, the Sportsman’s News team has had the opportunity to test the ALPS Glacier Extreme tent with the Browning camping label. According to the statistics, this 10’ by 10’ double walled, four season tent is a 6-man tent. A hundred square feet of space with an additional 66 square feet of vestibule space is a little crowded for six full sized guys and gear, but you can make it work in a pinch. However, this tent is absolutely perfect for two guys and gear. We tested this tent in just about every weather condition you could imagine. It withstood fifty mile per hour winds, eighteen inches of snow and a couple of major rain storms. The tent is in as good of shape right now as the day it came out of the box.

This tent is built for what it says, “Extreme Conditions”. The tent floor is made of 210D Oxford with 2000mm coating. What that means is this bathtub type floor is super heavy duty and will withstand many years of use regardless of where you pitch it. It comes pre-sealed, so you can take it right from the store to the field without any other preparation. The pole system is made of four 25mm poles with a center hub. These poles provide for a good amount of flex in high winds, yet are lightweight and durable.

The tent itself is well ventilated on the sides and the top allowing for unwanted moisture to escape. The straight side walls allow for full usage of the 100 square feet of available space. We had plenty of room for two full sized cots and all of our gear for a ten day excursion. The fly is also made of 210D Oxford and is a nice light gray in color. I like this feature because it allows for plenty of sunlight to come through the tent during daylight hours. The fly has numerous tie down points and reinforcements to make sure it stays where you pitch it during inclimate weather. The steel stakes are a great addition to this package and we had no problem with them in the rocky soils of Utah and Wyoming during our testing. The one minor complaint that we had is that the tent won’t fit back into the original bag once you have used it. So, we recommend picking up an oversized waterproof bag to complete your setup. Overall, this is one of the best and most durable tents that we have ever tested.