Big security in a small package. Browning ProSteel Pistol Vaults offer a distinct advantage over other pistol boxes. Featuring true, safe-like security in the form of heavy steel construction and solid steel locking bolts, the Pistol Vault is what other pistol boxes should be.

If you demand more security than the competition provides, the Browning Pistol Vault is ready to deliver with features you are used to finding in full-size gun safes. Browning’s Pistol Vaults offer twice the steel of other handgun storage solutions, making them one of the safest storage options on the market.

Browning-PV1000-160254009-3840The word “robust” doesn’t do the Browning Pistol Vault justice. “Tough as nails” might come closer. “Bunker” even closer yet. Add one more word to this pistol vault and it would be ‘roomy’, offering plenty of space for several pistols and important valuables too. How many times do you come home and unload your carry pistol along with a pocket of change, your wallet and a pocket knife onto your kitchen counter or bedroom dresser. Well, you’ll never need to again if you have a Browning Pistol Vault. Instantly your pistol and other valuables will have a safe, secure place.

Additional features, like interior LED lighting and a programmable four button key pad make them one of the most convenient vaults as well. An electronic lock and spring-loaded lid allow for rapid access to contents. The Pistol Vault is ideal in the home, office or where ever a little extra security protection is needed.


  • Perfect for securing handguns, cameras, wallets and documents

  • Ideal for home, office, cabin, car or truck, SUV, RV, boat or travel

  • Twice the steel of competing pistol vaults

  • Bolt-down capable

  • 10-Gauge Steel Body: Safety & Security

  • 10-Gauge Steel Door: Recessed to resist prying; Spring-assisted for fast & easy access

  • Four Button Key Pad: Quick Access; Reprogrammable

  • Interior LED Lights: Illuminates interior making contents easier to locate

  • Pick & Pluck Foam: Customizable

The Pistol Vault can be set on a shelf or mounted to a wall for easy access. And because of its sleek design, it becomes quite inconspicuous when added to any space. Another of the great security features is its recessed lid, making it very difficult to be pried open for access to its contents. The PV1000’s lid is secured by two, ½ inch diameter round steel locking bolts that engage when the lid is closed and are not subject to sawing or being pried open.

Four buttons on the front of the vault act as your key pad. It comes with a pre-set entry code, but can be easily reprogrammed to your personal preference (if I can do it, just about anyone can make the change as well). Once you enter your code to open the PV1000, the spring loaded hinges go to work and bright LED lights illuminate the interior of the vault to help you locate its contents. The ‘pick and pluck’ foam interior will even conform to the shape of your handgun when placed inside the vault.


  • 7.5” x 14.5” x 11”

  • Weight: 29 pounds

  • Body: 10-Gauge Steel

  • Lid: 10-Gauge Recessed Plate

  • Bolts: 2 -- 1⁄2” Solid Bolts (2 Active)

  • Hinges: Heavy duty, Exterior

  • Lock: Electronic with Touch Pad

  • Paint: Textured Black

  • Interior: Pick & Pluck Foam

  • Power Supply: Back-Up

A battery panel is located on the right side of the interior of the vault and is powered by eight-AA batteries. This power pack energizes your main locking system, but there is also a set of four-sided keys included that give you initial access to the vault as well as a back-up plan if needed. Also, external electrical contacts are located on the upper right corner of the vault that can power up the keypad for entry with the aid of a 9-volt battery.

Stop by your local Sportsman’s Warehouse and check out Browning’s Pistol Vaults. I promise you will be impressed by the sturdy PV1000 and the way it will protect your handguns and other valuables for many years to come.