Let’s face it, there’s a handgun Red Dot Revolution going on right now, and if you’re not on board you probably soon will be.
What started as an accessory for competitive “open” handguns or AR rifles, “reflex” red dot optics have evolved over the last few years into smaller, more robust packages that can hold up to the abusive recoil and inevitable bumps and bruises that sidearms have to endure with everyday use.

Designed for fast, responsive target acquisition and accuracy, open reflex red dot sights, or “pistol-mounted optics” as they’re otherwise known, are quickly becoming popular among both experienced and novice shooters.

Red dot sights allow you to quickly and easily acquire your sight picture and make follow-up shots faster. The inherent simplicity of a single aiming point on the same visual plane as the target makes red dots extremely easy to use. Simply put — if you’ve got the dot, you’ve got the shot.

Until now, most pistol red dots had to be built with some heft, making them mainly compatible with full-width frames on standard or compact handguns. So if you were a red dot devotee that wanted the same capability on your sub-compact everyday carry gun, you were basically out of luck.

That’s all changed with the revolutionary new ROMEOZero™ 1x24mm Micro Reflex Sight from SIG SAUER Electro Optics.

“The ROMEOZero™ changes everything, from the innovative product design to the way the sight is built right here in Oregon,” said Andy York President of Sig Sauer Electro-Optics, “go to the range and shoot it, you will never go back to iron sights.”

Built within a super-durable, WeaponsGrade™ Ultralite Polymer housing, the ROMEOZero™ can take the kind of beating a subcompact handgun can dish out while shaving weight for everyday carry.

The ROMEOZero™ is the fastest, most accurate, ultra-compact red dot reflex sight on the market and has been optimized for pistols with slim slide profiles. Have a SIG P365 and want to run a red dot? The ROMEOZero™ fits the bill. Even shooters with single-stack 1911s can get with the Red Dot Revolution and drop a .93-inch wide ROMEOZero™ in that svelte slide.

To keep with the bantam-weight theme, SIG engineered the ROMEOZero™ with a SpectraCoat™ HD polymer lens that has 10 times the impact resistance of traditional glass lenses. If you want extra protection or the ability to rack the slide leveraging the red dot, a steel ROMEOZero shroud is also available.. A stippling texture has been applied to the polymer housing that matches the SIG P365 and P365XL, providing a consistent look across your carry guns and some added grip for handgun manipulations.

“The SIG ROMEOZero™ 1x24mm Micro Reflex Sight makes a nice aesthetic match for the SIG P365XL and holds zero nicely with use,” said US Concealed Carry’s Kat Ainsworth. “The textured finish is aesthetically appealing and matches the textured grips of the P365XL.”

Lifting the hood on the ROMEOZero™, the sight features eight vivid, user-configurable daytime illumination levels and a highly-efficient, point-source LED emitter for a crisp dot that is eight times more efficient than conventional red dots. The emitter pulls so little energy, a single CR1632 battery will last an unrivaled 10 years, aided by SIG’s MOTAC™ Motion Activated Illumination System that powers the ROMEOZero™ up when it senses motion and powers down when it’s at rest.

“There’s minimal overhang with this sight, meaning a much lower risk of snagging and catching than the somewhat oversized brands that do stick out on either side of the gun’s slide,” USCCA’s Ainsworth added. “And the movement of the draw stroke was sufficient to turn it on.”

The ROMEOZero™ specifications include:

  • Height: .93 inches
  • Length: 1.6 inches
  • Width: .93 inches
  • Sight Window: .72 inches x .61 inches (18.3mm x 15.4mm), 24mm diagonal
  • Windage: 120 MOA
  • Elevation: 120 MOA
  • Weight: .4 ounces / 14 grams

The ROMEOZero™ ships with an Allen wrench for mounting, two sets of mounting screws and a separate Allen wrench for windage and elevation adjustment. The optic is compatible by direct mount to SIG SAUER P365 and P365XL handguns as well as the SHIELD RMS-c footprint and J-Point footprint. It is not compatible with SIG handgun slides cut for the ROMEO1 reflex sight, however.

In testing through a wide range of conditions, the ROMEOZero has performed flawlessly, maintaining its zero and presenting a snag-free draw. The dot is bright, even in intense daylight, and the parallax-free lens allows for rapid dot-to-target acquisition.
“Even on a day with intermittent clouds conversely paired with blinding sunlight the ROMEOZero™’s dot remained very crisp and spherical as one would only hope. It did not ‘bleed’ or look fuzzy even in bright sunlight,” said Adam Scepanick of The Firearm Blog. “I appreciated this a lot because I have played with a lot of red dots that obviously work well in low light and become next to useless in bright light situations.”

In fact, in the unlikely event the ROMEOZero™ does go down, the optic features a built-in rear notch that co-witnesses with the front sight post of the P365XL — two is one and one is none, right?

The ROMEOZero™ comes in both a 3 MOA dot and a 6 MOA dot version. And the most amazing part is that while the ROMEOZero™ has an MSRP of $259.99, the street price comes in at an insanely affordable $199.99 — about the same as a good set of aftermarket iron sights.

As the only manufacturer in the industry that can truly integrate a firearm and an optic into a single system that’s ready to shoot right out of the box, SIG SAUER is leading a Red Dot Revolution that will transform the way you shoot.

Now, thanks to the new ROMEOZero™ 1x24mm Micro Reflex Sight from SIG SAUER Electro Optics, shooters who want to join the Red Dot Revolution with their sub-compact concealed carry pistols have a durable, sleek and extremely-affordable option for everyday use.