Carl Zeiss Sports Optics, the world’s leading manufacturer in high performance sports optics, is pleased to announce the new Conquest V6 riflescope line. Designed for today’s demanding hunters and sport shooters, the Conquest V6 features a superior 6x variable magnification range, new ballistic lockable turrets and new ballistic reticles ZBR & ZMOA in a compact SuperZoom™ 30mm riflescope.

The new Conquest V6 utilizes FL lens and T* lens coatings to achieve an unsurpassed in its class light transmission of 92 percent, ensuring optimum image brightness and target resolution, even in low-light conditions. LotuTec® water-repellant lens coating keeps the exterior lenses clean and clear at all times. Quite simply, the Conquest V6, with its 6x SuperZoom™, allows for extreme flexibility and sets a new standard for features and performance in its price category.

Made in Germany, these 30mm tube scopes are available in three models - 1-6x24, 3-18x50 and 5-30x50 – and offer a variety of reticle options. The advanced design of the new Conquest includes a machined magnification ring with finer adjustment than previous versions of Conquest riflescopes. Also included is an updated ergonomic turret design for speed and versatility in the field. With the large forgiving eyebox and the fine reticle in the 2nd image plane, the V6 ensures rapid target acquisition with minimum target subtension coverage, allowing maximum visibility during the day and at night, even at extreme long ranges.

Another stroke of genius from ZEISS: the integrated intelligent motion sensor in the 1-6x24. The illuminated dot is automatically deactivated as soon as you put the rifle down. It reactivates as soon as you take aim – a feature that saves time and energy. The illumination intensity can be continuously adjusted via an easy-to-use, low-profile control wheel optimally positioned on the on the left side of turret, which can be comfortably operated even with gloves on.

With the introduction of these new riflescopes, ZEISS is offering four entirely new reticles; ZBR-1 or ZBR-2 and ZMOA-1 or ZMOA-2

Also ZEISS is offering a completely new long-range ballistic turret: the 1-6 & 3-18 have 103 MOA of elevation adjustment, the 5-30 has 64. All models have 54 MOA windage adjustment.

Conquest V6 1-6x24:
This compact riflescope boasts an extremely wide field-of-view, making it extremely versatile in most close encounters from dense cover to mid-range hunting conditions in more open terrain. This model is offered with the #60 or ZMOA-4 illuminated reticles and has ½-inch click MOA adjustment.

Conquest V6 3-18x50:
The most versatile of the V6 line, this riflescope has longer range capability and is built for the mid to long range shooting distance. The 3-18x50 is the perfect solution for the mobile Western hunter in pursuit of elk, mule deer, antelope or even the hunter climbing mountains in search of sheep. Also, this compact length, low profile scope set at 3x magnification works perfectly for close range and fast acquisition hunting situations. This scope also features a side parallax adjustment and is offered with either the #6, ZBR-2 or ZMOA-2 ballistic reticles and has ¼-inch click MOA adjustment.

Conquest V6 5-30x50:
The most compact high-magnification riflescope in the industry and the most powerful in the V6 line, this riflescope is perfect for mid to extra-long-range hunting and shooting. The wide magnification range provides great flexibility for those shooting in vast Western terrains with magnum calibers or for general varmint and predator control. This scope also features a side parallax adjustment and is available with either the #6, #43, ZBR-1 or ZMOA-1 ballistic reticles and has ¼-inch click MOA adjustment.

Features at a glance:

  • Made in Germany

  • 92 percent light transmission

  • FL lens

  • T* multilayer coatings

  • LotuTec® coating

  • Black, matte anodized aluminum 30mm tube

  • Finest illuminated dot .05 cm at 100 meters (available on the 1-6)

  • Intelligent motion sensor 70° up & down, 40° side to side (available on the 1-6)

  • 80 clicks per revolution

Also new for 2017 is the new Victory Pocket binoculars. Offered in 8x25 and 10x25 models, the new Victory Pocket binoculars are the perfect companion for premium and luxury vacations, cruises, tours, concerts, car races or outdoor sporting events.

Weighing in at just 10 ounces, the new ZEISS Victory Pocket binoculars provide the highest ZEISS standards in precision, reliability and robustness. Its compact size, light weight and modern design, combined with the best optics in its class, make it the benchmark for all other compact and pocket binoculars. Victory Pocket binoculars are made for those who seek the best in class pocket binocular.

The new Victory Pocket binoculars are the first pocket binoculars to utilize FL-Lenses, resulting in uncontested resolution, edge-to-edge sharpness with the lowest color fringing in-class. In addition to extremely high-quality color fidelity, image definition and contrast the ZEISS Victory Pocket binoculars will also impress with the widest field of view currently available in their class with 8x magnification.

The new modern design incorporates an asymmetric foldable bridge and usage of light and robust magnesium housing to provide a sleek and extremely compact profile when carrying. The combination of high quality materials and surfaces give the new Victory Pockets an ergonomically pleasing grip and feel. ZEISS engineers made good use of the latest mechanical technologies and slightly larger knobs to give the new pockets smooth, accurate and reliable operation of all working elements.

Victory Pocket 8x25
With its field of view of up to 390 ft. at a distance of 1000 yards, the Victory Pocket 8x25 is the ideal model for situations where you need a maximum overview. While the near focus range of 6 ft. ensures that you can enjoy details close by. Retail $749.99

Victory Pocket 10x25
With its 10x magnification, the Victory Pocket 10x25 is the ideal model for seeing the extra details far away. The light weight of just 10 oz. ensures easy and comfortable handling. Retail $799.99

Key Features:

  • Modern Industrial design

  • Best In-Class Optics utilizing FL lens technology

  • Highest quality ZEISS mechanics

  • Widest field of view in its class

  • Highest resolution and edge sharpness

  • Lowest color fringing in class

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