Carl Zeiss Sport Optics has always been an innovator when it comes to sport optics which is why they have been around for more than a 175 years. Their attention to detail and desire to bring products to market which are in need is the exact reason they dominate the optics market today. The new Carl Zeiss V8 Riflescope is another one of those innovative products which sets them apart from other optics manufacturers.

VICTORY_V8_4_8_35x60_PERSPEKTIVEFrom the minute you pull one of these scopes out of the box, you will notice that it is something special. The 36mm tube sets it apart from nearly any other scope you have ever seen. This, combined with the large objective, makes this scope a light gathering dream. The V8 in the name stands for 8-times magnification. The versatility of having 8X magnification gives you the ability to have a scope which covers your needs for extremely low power in thick cover or when you’re up close and personal with dangerous game. The same holds true when you are looking to take a long range shot and you need to see exactly where to aim. Regardless of your situation, there is a V8 riflescope built just for you. The four available models consist of the 1-8X30, 1.8-14X50, 2.8-20X56 and the 4.8-35X60 at the top end of the magnification spectrum.

Since the 36mm tube provides a bit of a challenge in purchasing rings, ZEISS has provided a set of high quality 36mm Talley signature rings with each scope. The ring are the appropriate height for each objective lens. It also comes with a certificate for a free set of Talley bases specific to your rifle and a quick call to Talley will get them headed your way.

The Victory line of scopes from ZEISS are their top of the line optics and exactly what you would expect from a veteran company like ZEISS. Everything is extremely well designed with the end user in mind. The fluoride lens elements and SCHOTT HT glass provide you with the highest image quality on the market. Combine this with 92% light transmission and you have a scope worthy of any rifle. The ocular on all models are designed for greater eye relief and a wider field of view. This gives you great edge to edge clarity, with no dark circles at the edges.

VICTORY_V8_4_8_35x60_OKULARThese scopes come in two different reticle options. The first is the reticle 60 which provides an extremely fine crosshair with an adjustable illuminated dot in the reticle. The second is the reticle 43 which uses mil dots as well as an illuminated dot. The super fine illumination dot is one of the finest I’ve ever seen and takes up a minimal portion of the target which is extremely important at long range. The illumination on and intensity button is right above the eyepiece. It is very low profile and in the perfect position. However, there is no need to ever turn it off. Due to the advanced illumination control system, it automatically shuts down when rifle is tipped straight up, straight down or turned on either side. It reactivates as soon as you take aim. The parallax adjustment is right at your fingertips and gives you precise focus on the target regardless of range. The power selection moves easily through the full range of powers, especially when equipped with the aftermarket throw switch, which is highly recommended.

SWE_12332If shooting longer range is one of your desires, the V8 is an ideal setup. Each scope comes with nine different pre-cut ballistic turrets and one is sure to get you on target regardless of your rifle caliber and load. Whether you’re shooting a .375 for dangerous game or a flat shooting long range caliber like the .300 Win Mag and looking to shoot out to 600 yards, one of these LR turrets will have you ringing the steel like a champion. Setting it up is simple once you have zeroed your rifle. You can visit the ballistic calculator page on the ZEISS website and put your specific load data into the program and it will tell you exactly which pre-cut turret to use to give you the best accuracy out to 600 yards.

VICTORY_V8_ZF_2.8_20x56_MAGNIFICATION_DetailIf you are a perfectionist and going to want to shoot at extreme long ranges well past that 600 yard mark, you will be happy to know that ZEISS has included one custom turret from Kenton Industries worth $149 with each scope. This will get you the most out of this 36mm tube and 100 clicks of vertical adjustment. With some of the faster calibers, it has the ability to get you out past 1300 yards with one full revolution, whereas ¼ MOA adjustment scopes would limit you to less than 1,000 yards.

These scopes are very ergonomically designed with the end user in mind. It has the best glass with the very best coatings on the market. Anything you could think of to make a top end scope has been addressed with this offering from ZEISS and it is also covered by their limited lifetime transferable warranty and 5-year no fault policy.