By Shane Chuning

Coleman has come up with a brilliant way to save on a batteries life span through their new innovative line of lighting products. Their new line of lanterns, flashlights and headlamps are equipped with a BatteryLock technology which allows you the convenience of storing these items even longer.

What is one of the biggest problems that occurs time and time again during emergencies such as power outages? Batteries are dead in your flashlights and other emergency devices. And, how about when you are getting ready for your next camping trip and those batteries that worked so well before they were packed away, have become dead the following year.
This happens all too often due to the trickle effect when your batteries are still connected to the negative and positive points. How often did you take out those batteries to conserve their power just to be inconvenienced at having to put them back in? When stored too long in the device, you will eventually see signs of corrosion, which then leaves you the costly task of having to replace those items. All of this leads to unreliable flashlights, lanterns, headlamps, etc.

img_2285Through Coleman’s new BatteryLock system, you will be able to stop battery drain and get the full intended use out of the batteries stored in these items throughout the years. You won’t have the premature usage caused by the circuit still engaged on traditional products with batteries. To engage BatteryLock, you would simply rotate the bottom cap counterclockwise until the red cutouts are visible. This completely disengages the circuit and stops the slow battery drain normally associated with anything powered by batteries. Then to operate the item when needed, you simply rotate clockwise so the red is hidden. Now the batteries are connected and are then ready for normal use.

This cutting-edge BatteryLock system of flashlights, lanterns and headlamps offers a range of benefits for both the consumer and the environment. This system extends the life of these products by reducing the risk of corrosion from prolonged battery storage. Getting the most use out of your batteries’ life is a great cost effective way of reducing how often they have to be replaced. This has a positive effect on our environment by reducing the amount of waste from battery corrosion and unnecessary replacement.

Whether you are looking to add some reliable items to your emergency kits or just add some items to your outdoor and camping needs, look no further to Coleman’s new BatteryLock technology line. This will bring you and your family many years of reliable use and gain the most out of your batteries’ inherent shelf life.