Imagine this: You’re headed back to camp after a long day of hunting. You’re muddy and chilly, and your legs ache with every step along the trail. It’s raining, and your stomach is begging for something warm and filling. A huge burger. A bowl of chowder. A steak. But then you remember what’s on the menu—store-bought hot dogs. It’s going to be a long night.

Now imagine this scenario: It’s been a successful day of fishing. You’ve reeled in a great catch. You are all headed back to basecamp for dinner, tired, hungry, and ready to chow down. Then you remember what’s on the menu—Philly cheese steak sandwiches hot off the griddle.  You’ll be sleeping well tonight.

Camp Chef Red
Food is an essential piece of any outdoor adventure, whether that adventure is on the shore of a remote lake, in the middle of the mountains or right outside your backdoor on the patio. Food is necessary for survival, yet also one of the most social parts of our lives. Food brings people together, allowing them to enjoy something in common. Food for any outing can truly make or break everyone’s experience.

So if food is so important, why is it often the last-minute afterthought to the weekend plans? It’s because many people think about cooking outdoors and imagine limited space, limited gear, and, therefore, limited options. Thus, you’re stuck eating another meal of charred dogs or ramen noodles.

That’s where Camp Chef comes in. Over 25 years ago, we noticed this problem in the outdoor industry. With all the awesome gear coming out for camping, hunting, fishing, and more, where was all the cooking gear? Outdoor adventurers were limited to tiny stoves with little cooking power and surface area. And that wasn’t good enough—we decided to create a better way to cook outdoors.

A Lineup for Everyone
Today, we provide high quality cooking equipment for every kind of activity because your destination shouldn’t restrict what you eat. From backcountry to back patio, you should be able to cook what you love.

When you hear Camp Chef, you might think of our rugged, durable stoves. Or the huge variety of cast iron cookware, including skillets and Dutch ovens. Or, perhaps, you imagine the pellet grill you have sitting on your back patio. The point is, we have gear for everyone, no matter how you like to feed your outside.

We first set out to improve the cooking experience for a classic camping scenario. The result was a stove with four defining features: power, portability, durability, and versatility.

Camp Chef stoves are versatile. Having the ability to do more than boil water has always been important to us. That’s why we’ve designed accessories that convert a basic stove into a grill, griddle, or even pizza oven. So say goodbye to the limited menu and start asking yourself what you’d like to eat. Kebabs? Cinnamon rolls? Mongolian BBQ? You can cook it all on a single stove with your own set of mix-and-match accessories. Suddenly, your weekend plans are looking much more delicious.

Camp Chef stoves are powerful, producing about 30,000 BTUs on a typical burner. To help you put that into perspective, your average stove top range at home will produce only 10,000 BTUs, making these camp stoves three times as powerful as your stove at home. Why that much power? Well, when you’re cooking outdoors, Mother Nature can throw any number of conditions your way. Whether it’s wind, rain, snow, or sun, you need a stove that’s going to stay lit. That’s where the power really matters.

Camp Chef stoves are portable. With removable or folding legs on almost all of our models, it’s easy to break down and set up your stove wherever you find yourself. Add a carry bag accessory to your collection, and it’s even easier to go from the patio to the campsite. Just break down your stove, pack it up, throw it in the truck, and you’re ready to go.

Finally, Camp Chef stoves are durable. Their steel construction will stand up to the rugged outdoors without breaking a sweat. In fact, we’ve heard of many customers who are still cooking on their stoves that are over 20 years old and running strong. If that’s not durability, we don’t know what is.

Cast Iron
If you would rather keep things a bit more traditional, try cooking with some of our classic cast iron—a tradition that’s hundreds of years old. It may seem intimidating to start out, but cast iron cooking has its benefits. Even heat distribution, durability, and easy maintenance are just a few.

All of our cast iron pieces—be it skillets, Dutch ovens, pie pans, or more—come pre-seasoned with our True Seasoned Finish. That means you don’t have to worry about a time-intensive seasoning process before you start cooking your favorite foods. Instead, you can start using your cast iron dish immediately.

But the real value in cast iron to outdoor adventurers like you is how versatile the cookware can be. Going on a camping trip this weekend? Have a big tailgating party? Want to cook on your back patio? Our cast iron skillets are up for the job. A Dutch oven is also a great option. Both can be used to fry, sear, grill, or even bake.  Cook with cast iron over an open flame, on a stovetop, in an oven, or with coal briquettes.

The point is that cast iron is the cookware for you, whether you’re a backcountry explorer or a patio cooker. Choose from our traditional Dutch ovens and skillets, as well as our unique pie irons, pie pans, bread pans, and more. You’ll find exactly what you need.

Pellet Grills
By now, you’ve seen how our gear covers outdoor cooking out at the basecamp, on the trail, or at the tailgate party. But what about the back patio? A lot of outdoor cooking happens there as well. Don’t worry, we haven’t ignored those who love a good backyard cookout.

When it comes to good food out on your own patio, all you really need is one of our pellet grills. Wood-fired flavor has been making a comeback recently with the pellet grill on the scene. Its versatility, functionality, and consistent performance make it the all-in-one outdoor cooker, whether you want to grill, bake, braise, roast, barbecue, or even sear. And best of all, anyone can use it.

An automatic auger feeds hardwood pellets into a burn cup at the base of the grill where the wood burns and smolders. The smoldering wood produces heat and smoke, which circulates throughout the grill body. A digital controller tracks the temperature inside the grill and feeds more or fewer pellets accordingly. All you have to do is set the temperature and let the grill do the work. Lower temperature settings will produce more smoke to infuse your food with wood-fired, smoky flavor, while higher temperature settings can bake breads and pies without smoke flavor. As a final touch, use the Sear Box to give your food a delicious seared finish. It doesn’t get any easier (or more delicious) than pellet grill cooking on your back patio.

Good Food Wherever You Go
While individual Camp Chef products may seem vastly different, our mission has been the same with each one: provide a better way to cook outdoors. When you have the power and freedom to create great food outside—sometimes even better than what you could cook inside—your entire outdoor experience will change. After all, you can’t control the hunting, the fishing, the weather, or anything else when you venture out into nature. But you can always control the food. So don’t settle for subpar cooking on your next adventure. Eat what you love wherever you go, from the backcountry to the back patio.