The Flat-Out Backen’ Grill is a small, lightweight, portable fold up charcoal or wood stove for the backcountry. While it is compact and light enough to carry in your backpack, its 11-and –a-half pounds makes it a better fit for horseback or vehicle camping.

Made in the USA in Idaho from American made heavy-duty stainless steel, the Flat-Out Backen’ Grill is a durable and rugged cooking product that will withstand a ton of abuse.

fullsizerender-jpg It folds down to roughly an inch and a half thick by 10-inches wide by 20-inches long. When unfolded, it stands 19 inches tall, which is a great height for cooking. A hinged cooking grate lets you have easy access to the fire box, and holes in the box let air easily flow into the combustion chamber for hot, even cooking. The cooking surface is spacious enough for two rows of three standard-sized burgers, or three jumbo patties, as well as steaks, chops, or other grillable foods.

img_2593-jpgThe grill can be used with either charcoal briquettes or chunks, or with scavenged biomass and gathered wood. We found in our testing, that the heat from charcoal is more even and controllable with fewer flare-ups than wood, but having the wood option means you don’t have to carry the fuel with you.

Because it is heavy gauge stainless steel, it is recommended that you set up and take down the grill wearing gloves to prevent cuts or scrapes on the thin metal, but we did it without them, just being cautious, and didn’t have any issues.

The stainless steel prevents rust, and makes cleanup very easy. Stainless steel is an excellent conductor of heat, so it makes for even cooking. The entire stove is made of stainless, so it will radiate heat, and you need to be very cautious not to touch the metal anywhere on the stove, until after it has cooled.

img_8894The grill comes in a custom nylon bag with a heavy zipper and two carrying handles, as well as a very nice heavy cardboard gift-style box for presentation or storage.

The grill retails for $159.99 at Sportsman’s Warehouse and would make a great Christmas gift for the camper, hunter, or woodsman or woman in your life.

The Sportsman’s News team really enjoyed this little grill, and it will become a permanent part of our camp kitchen on upcoming hunts.