There are a lot of gun cleaning products on the market, but the leading maker of products for your gun in the field is undoubtedly Otis Technologies.

Using innovative products to allow for easy gun cleaning on the go, Otis is known for their memory flex cable system for proper breech to muzzle cleaning and their round perforated patches. But, they also have a variety of tools to make deep cleaning your favorite firearm easier.

2-9I-MOD Cleaning System
For tactical shooters, the I-MOD cleaning system comes in a variety of specific caliber configurations for just rifles or for rifles and pistols. Zipped into a tough nylon case designed to fit into a standard AR magazine pouch, the I-MOD system is one of the few Otis products that contains their memory flex cables, a Ripcord, and cleaning rods. Yes, Otis has cleaning rods. It also includes a heat treated nylon military-style cleaning brush, patches, bronze bore brush, a chamber brush, and a tube of their Smart 085 CLP solution to make fast work of metals and carbon fouling, while lubricating and protecting your firearm.

The Ripcord provides quick one-pass cleaning of your chamber and bore. This tough Nomex covered cable is inserted in the breech and pulled through the chamber. A molded rubber core tapers to be thicker on one end, so it expands to drag out any fouling in the barrel. Use it with Smart 085 CLP or dry. Threaded end caps allow it to be extended by screwing in your memory flex cables.

fg-1000_facing_left_large_multi-largeMSR/AR Cleaning System
Otis is as well known for their round nylon cases as they are for their memory cables and this offering for Modern Sporting Rifles and ARs packs a lot of cleaning gear into a hockey puck sized package. With cables, CLP, patches, and bore brushes you would expect, they have also included a short T-handled rod and a variety of precision tools for getting into those hard to reach places. It even includes two Mongoose G2 scrubbing mops. These guys combine the patch and the bronze brush into a single attachment for quick, yet deep cleaning. The MSR/AR kit also comes with the Otis BONE Tool, for scraping carbon from the bolt, bolt carrier and firing pin.

Elite Cleaning System
For those who have a wide variety of firearms to maintain, Otis makes their Elite Cleaning System. Containing 22 bronze brushes of varying size to handle everything from .17 caliber up to a 12 gauge shotgun, the Elite Cleaning System features nylon brushes, wipe down cloth, multiple lengths of memory cables, and the complete maintenance tool kit. Inside, is a removable and portable Tactical Cleaning System for taking your cleaning supplies on the road. And not only will the Elite Cleaning System take care of your favorite firearm, but it also includes Otis optics products to care for your glass.

Check out the full line of Otis Technologies cleaning products at your local Sportsman’s Warehouse and keep it clean and running, whether in the field or on the bench.