kuju-coffee-146By Dan Kidder
Managing Editor

I can give you several reasons to try the Pocket PourOver Coffee packets from Kuju Coffee. I could tell you how they buy their coffee from locally sourced, organic producers who employ over 80 former victims of sex trafficking to help them re-establish their lives. I could tell you that it was developed by a couple of Eagle Scouts with a dream and a KickStarter. I could let you know about how one percent of every sale is donated to the National Parks Foundation to help preserve our wonderful natural habitat. But most importantly to me, it is just a really good and convenient cup of coffee.

If you are a true junkie, like I am, you have gone to great lengths to carry your favorite bean juice with you in the backcountry. I have packed thermal bottles, French presses, and every other conceivable heavy and bulky item possible with me on trips to make sure I had access to my java. Those days are in the past.

kuju-coffee-241%202Featuring an innovative fold out, pre-filled filter in a small tea-bag sized container, the Pocket PourOver allows you to brew coffee directly over your mug with nothing more than hot water. And because it is real coffee, dripped in the traditional method, and not some freeze dried or instant mess, the coffee tastes amazing.

Simply open the outer package, tear off the top, unfold the wings and place them over the lip of your favorite receptacle, and pour hot water through the filter. Piping hot, delicious, real, brewed coffee in about 2 minutes.
And for the ease and portability you get, coupled with the great taste, it is still less expensive than an over-roasted cup of inferior coffee beans from a major international chain.

kuju-coffee-274%201Kuju is available in three roasts, Angel’s Landing, a light roast named for a magnificent landmark in Utah’s Zion National Park with floral, nutty, and citrus notes; Basecamp Blend, a medium roast, consciously sourced brew with hints of oak, chocolate, and honey; or Bold Awakening with earthy, dark cocoa, and dried berry undertones. All three have an excellent flavor, but I tend to enjoy Angel’s Landing the most, because I like a more delicate flavor, and because the lighter the roast, the more caffeine.

All three of these coffee Pocket PourOvers is now available at all Sportsman’s Warehouse locations in the camping department, next to the freeze dried foods. Pick them up, toss them in your pocket, and fire up your portable hiking stove and enjoy a cup of bliss on your next adventure. You will not only be getting a great cup of Joe, but will be helping support some worthy causes as well.