The makers of the original Memory Flex Cable breech to muzzle cleaning kits and components have released their new Patriot Cleaning Kits, which provide a caliber specific, portable cleaning solution in a rugged plastic case.

Made in America, these kits offer high quality components, brass loops and threaded end caps and almost everything you need to give your gun a good scrubbing in the field.

In addition to their standard flex cable with brass threaded end caps on both ends, the Patriot Kits have one or two sections of threaded rod for scrubbing chambers with the included bronze brush for your caliber. The handles screw into threads on the included T-handle, giving you greater control of the flex cable and also the ability to use the rod. The handle also contains a T-20 hex bit, a flat head screwdriver tip, two different sizes of Phillip’s head bits and acts as a handle for using the bits. This keeps tools close at hand for tightening or removing an optic or grip panels for deep cleaning. Each kit also includes a bore mop and a double-sided military-style nylon cleaning brush. All of the components have a place in the case so it is easy to put everything away and also quickly look to make sure everything is in its place and nothing has been forgotten or lost. The organization tray easily lifts out and has plenty of room for other components.

The only thing the Patriot is lacking is any type of cleaning fluid or lubricant, but there is ample space in the case for a tube or two of your favorite CLP fluid, such as Otis BIO CLP.

The Memory Flex Cable cleans the gun from the breech to the muzzle, ensuring the brushes and patches follow the direction of the barrel rifling to provide superior cleaning as they pull fouling out of the barrel rather than pushing it into the action. They are made of plastic coated steel to offer superior barrel protection.

Patriot Kits are available in eight different rifle or pistol specific configurations and each differs slightly in the provided components, depending upon the caliber, action type or length of the firearm the kit is specifically designed to accommodate.

Perfect for cleaning in the field, at the range or even to organize your cleaning supplies on your bench, these kits keep all the tools you will need for your specific gun at the ready. And because it is Otis, replenishment of consumables is a breeze with Otis refill kits.
Because they are compact and self-contained, these kits are a great addition to your range bag or you can just toss it on the seat the next time you head to the range. The kit will stay together and prevent components from getting lost, while keeping everything you need in one easy-to-find place, so you can focus more on shooting and less on cleaning.