For those who make precision shots, precision ammo loads are a must to achieve consistent accuracy. While factory loaded ammo can come close, nothing provides the exacting consistency that you get from hand loading your own ammo.

The standard for single stage presses is the RCBS Rockchucker. These presses have been in common use for decades and many of those original presses from 40 years ago are still in use today.

For the beginner, RCBS has packaged everything needed to get started into a single kit, the Master Reloading Kit. This kit includes the standard Rockchucker Supreme press, a mechanical scale, priming tool, deburring tool, shell tray, lube pad, lube, Uniflow Powder Measure, Nosler Reloading Manual, and all of the tools you could need to get started, with the exception of dies and a shell holder, which you will select for your specific cartridge. It is also recommended to purchase a case measuring device such as a precision caliper tool.

There is a little learning curve to starting to reload, but it can be taught in person, online, on video, or just by carefully reading the information in the Nosler Reloading Manual. RCBS website has a step by step training guide or videos available to help teach reloading skills. With a single stage press, you can get astounding consistency of loads by trickling in powder, weighing bullets, and then mating bullet and case together with repeatable accuracy down to the ten thousandths of an inch. Consistent loads in a good rifle will give repeated points of impact, provided you do everything on your end correctly.

RCBS Chargemaster Combo
To get even more reliable loads, add the RCBS Chargemaster Combo scale and powder measure to your reloading regimen.

The Chargemaster Combo includes a precise digitally controlled powder measure with a digital scale accurate to +/- one tenth of a grain. The powder hopper will hold a full pound of powder and measures it out by weight and stops dispensing when the programmed weight is met.

The dispenser dumps an amount close to the programmed weight into the dump pan then slowly trickles powder a grain at a time until the exact desired measurement is achieved. This technique gives you precision control of all of your smokeless powder charges with ball, stick, and flake smokeless powders. Consistent charges equal consistent performance.

The scale can be used alone as a regular scale for measuring bullet weights, or used with the dispenser for powder. Simply dial in the weight you want and the dispenser will stop once that weight is achieved. A clear cover protects the weighing area from air currents, which can affect accuracy and swings open to either the right or the left.

And my favorite feature, the dispenser has a dump feature to quickly let you empty the hopper and swap out powders. Until you have had to do it several times, you don’t realize how much you will appreciate this.

So don’t let the mystery of reloading your own ammo elude you any longer. Take a look at the RCBS Rockchucker Supreme Master Reloading Kit and the Chargemaster Combo, and get the precision you can only achieve from loading it yourself.