Firearms juggernaut, SIG SAUER has a well-earned reputation for high performance, durable firearms. Law enforcement, military, competitors and countless citizens exercising their 2nd amendment rights trust their lives to SIG. Realizing that nothing compliments a quality firearm better than optics; SIG is now creating high quality glass to accompany it’s firearms.

Not satisfied with the optic options on the market, and seeing a need in the industry, the brains at SIG decided to do what any red-blooded American would do…build their own. Queue the birth of SIG SAUER Electro Optics.

SIG has fused together advanced electronic technologies, superior HD glass, and military-inspired designs to achieve maximum clarity, accuracy, and performance. They have developed truly game-changing optics for all types of shooters: military, law enforcement, hunters and competitive shooters. SIG SAUER Electro-Optics are guaranteed forever under an unlimited lifetime guarantee. SIG SAUER Optics offer unmatched accuracy, durability and innovation you can rely on, shot after shot.

Shooters can invest in Sig Electro Optics with the same level of confidence they have when choosing SIG firearms. In fact, SIG is so confident in their Electro Optics, that they support their products with an infinite, unlimited lifetime fully transferable guarantee. That warranty is sweet, but their technology is better. For example, the SIG Ballistic Turret (SBT) and Lockdown Zero System ensure that the absolute best sighting confidence for any bullet is rock solid, shot after shot. SIG has literally thought of it all, even their STEALTH ID configuration creates optics that are distinctively unique, and not as easily recognizable as a traditional scope for instance. Finally, the LEVELPLEX anti-cant system and HELLFIRE reticle ensure crisp images and sharp flat crosshairs.

As if this technology weren’t enough, SIG’s lenses are scientifically engineered to be exceptional as well. The MEGAVIEW field of view is huge, with the Aspheric Lense Technology (ALT) for consistent superior clarity make SIG’s optics easy and safe to use. SPECTRACOAT, HDX, LENSARMOR and LENSHSIELD are all very technical components to ensure that your SIG lenses remain in tip top shape throughout their life. SIG’s MOTAC motion activated illumination can be solar powered, and the TRUHOLD and SIG Optics Stabilizer (SOS) encourage a sturdy, consistent shot. To round out the ultra-high technology SIG has created in their optics, they are very proud to offer Angle Modified Range (AMR), LIGHTWAVE DSP (digital signal processing) and an easy to read LUMATIC DISPLAY. Unless you’re a ballistics engineer, these acronyms and technical jargon can be overwhelming. To get an in-depth look at all of this cutting edge technology, all you need to do is visit

SIG Electro Optics offers scopes and scope rings, sights, rangefinders, laser sights, spotting scopes, binoculars, and pistol components. The Electro Optics series is so robust, that any marksman, hunter, shooter, military, law enforcement, SWAT team member, prepper, and competitive shooter will be sure to have something crafted by SIG to meets their needs.

All of the SIG Electro Optics line is incredibly impressive, but a few are standing out among hunters in 2017. The new WHISKEY5 LevelPlex rifle scope has set a new standard for hunting scopes and is a favorite for good reason. The WHISKEY5 with LevelPlex and TH100 Turret offers hunters the ideal optic for their long-range hunting needs. LevelPlex allows the user to remove unwanted cant from the shooting system up to +/- 0.5° of accuracy. The TH100 elevation turret offers a resettable zero stop and lock at zero, allowing the user to dial in with accuracy for long range targets.

“The all-new WHISKEY5 is the ultimate superzoom riflescope for the tactical hunter,” said Andy York, President SIG SAUER Electro-Optics Division. “With massively upgraded TH-100 turret design, LevelPlex and milling hunter reticles, the new WHISKEY5 packs an unprecedented amount of technology into your next hunting riflescope.”

Built to perform in the toughest conditions, the new WHISKEY5 brings the hardest of targets into sharp focus. Featuring the proprietary HDX™ optical system for extreme clarity and low-light performance, the WHISKEY5 is available in HellFire™ CirclePlex, HellFire™ Quadplex, HellFire™ TriPlex and MOA Milling Hunter reticles.

As if all of this technology wasn’t enough, the WHISKEY5 also has the motion activated illumination MOTAC feature. To save battery life and promote safety, the MOTAC powers up whenever it senses motion, and goes into sleep mode when the action is slow. Coming standard with dependable waterproofing (IPX-7 rated for complete immersion up to 1 meter) and fog-proof performance, all of SIG-Sauer’s Electro-Optics are covered by the company’s INFINITE Guarantee™ and Electronics Limited Warranty. Be sure to check out their website for full details. The WHISKEY5 comes in several configurations such as 1-5x20mm, 2-10x42mm, 2.4-12x56mm, 3-15x44mm, 3-15x52mm and 5-25x52mm. With a free SIG Ballistic Turret, SBT Dial is included and is custom engraved to match your unique ballistics and environmental conditions.

Also catching a lot of attention is SIG’s new KILO2400ABS rangefinder. The KILO2400ABS is possibly the world’s most advanced rangefinder, featuring an embedded Applied Ballistics calculator, onboard environmental sensors and Bluetooth for synchronizing custom profiles with a free, downloadable ballistic app for both iOS and Android smartphones.

“This really is rocket science,” said Andy York, President SIG SAUER Electro-Optics Division. “The KILO2400 ABS solves the shooting solution and provides windage and elevation adjustments in MOA or MRAD, instantly.”

The KILO2400 ABS includes a tripod adapter, smartphone jack WindMETER, ballistic nylon Molle kit bag and nylon carry pouch. A lanyard, three spare batteries, and SIG SAUER Tactical pen/stylus also come standard with every KILO2400 ABS. This product has all the tools to get you up and running for long-range precision target shooting and hunting.

There are too many cool features of the KILO2400 to list, but a few standout. SIG’s HyperScan™ Technology provides four range updates per second in scan mode, while their RangeLock™ reports the last range result when ranging distant targets. The advanced OLED display provides a smaller, extremely precise targeting circle along with milling features and ballistic info including holdover, angle, wind direction, wind speed, target mode, density altitude and shot angle. The KILO2400’s Digital Compass / Magnetometer / Inclinometer provide magnetic heading and incline for long distance shooting and Coriolis adjustment.

What’s next? That’s an easy question to ask, and a tough one to answer. Many of us are left scratching our heads, wondering how did they come up with all of this? Others are grinning ear to ear, anxiously awaiting the chance to get their hands on some of SIG-SAUER’s new Electro Optics gear.

Regardless of what SIG comes up with in the future, a few things are certain. They are going to continue to enhance the shooter’s experience. Thanks to SIG’s technology and workmanship, countless people can continue to confidently risk their lives each day protecting our freedom. SIG appreciates our military and law enforcement professionals, and is dedicated to continuing to make their jobs safer.

SIG also respects hunting as part of our American heritage, and will continue to make sure hunters are doing all they can do to get a quick, humane kill, shot after shot. SIG also respects modern day patriots, those who are committed to protecting their own homes, family, and freedom. They will continue to make tactical gear to fit their needs. All in all, SIG- Sauer is committed to continuing to do what they do best, support our American lifestyle, heritage, and values. If they come out with something new – that would be awesome! The only complaints would come from their competitors.