By Dan Kidder
Managing Editor

From guitars to cameras to golf clubs, SKB has been providing high quality, American made molded cases to protect your gear for nearly 40 years.

One of their most popular-selling cases is the iSeries Custom Single Pistol case.

It features a sturdy polypropylene copolymer resin rotomolded case with trigger release latches, a rubber overmolded pivoting handle, and dual locking loops. This case is an ideal companion for those who travel with their firearm and is TSA approved for transporting a firearm on a plane.

The resin from which the case is constructed is oil, solvent, and UV resistant. An internal rubber gasket makes the case absolutely watertight. A pressure equalization valve allows the internal air pressure to match the ambient pressure without allowing moisture inside.

3i_1006_sp_center_detail_xlarge__59012-1434124441-1280-1280On the inside, two layers of high density foam with square pluckable plugs, allows the protective material to be customized to fit a variety of hand guns and extra magazines for safe transport without damage to your gun.

Even though the case is as tough as nails, it is fairly lightweight, weighing under two and a half pounds, empty. There is ample room inside for small and medium sized frame semi-auto or revolver. The internal measurements are 10.75 inches long by 6.13 inches wide by 3.25 inches deep and has been tested to specifically fit more than 25 popular models of firearms.

3i_1006_sp_open_left_xlarge__89961-1434124439-1280-1280SKB also has TSA approved combination luggage locks that fit in the locking holes. These rugged locks allow the user to easily set their own 4-digit combination and feature a TSA master lock, that can be opened for inspection after the case has been checked in.

As someone who flies with firearms frequently, having the ability to properly transport my pistol in an approved container that doesn’t weigh a ton is important to me. knowing tat I can secure the gun, and protect it during the jostling and banging of the not-so-careful baggage handlers and machinery gives me peace of mind.

All of the iSeries of SKB cases meet stringent military requirements and provide durable and reliable protection for your firearm.

Check out the full selection of pistol, rifle, and bow cases in the hunting department of your local Sportsman’s Warehouse, or get them online at