During the Great Ammo Shortage of 2015, shooters began looking at other options to keep their favorite guns fed. One of the products they discovered was cartridges made by Aguila Ammunition from Mexico.

Aguila has been making ammunition since 1961, and in that time they have progressed from using leftover Remington machinery to modern and updated equipment to make high quality, consistent performing, and clean burning ammunition.

As one of the largest manufacturers of rimfire ammunition, Aguila produces millions of rounds of rimfire ammunition, including their primer actuated Colibri and Super Colibri, which use just the primer for propellant, for super quiet, low-recoil target shooting and small game hunting at close ranges. They also produce the high velocity Interceptor in .22 LR, reaching speeds of 1,470 FPS. Whatever your application, Aguila has a rimfire round for most activities, from subsonic rounds for use with a suppressor, to match ammo, to nickel plated rounds for more reliable feeding, to .22 Win. Mag loads for increased knock down.

Because Aguila uses the highest quality components, and provides excellent quality control, their ammunition is not only a great value, but provides excellent performance and accuracy.

Aguila makes their ammunition in Mexico, but it is distributed in the United States out of Texas by Texas Armament & Technology, who has helped Aguila increase production and quality control. The partnering of these companies gives shooters access to high quality ammunition at a great price point.

Aguila makes more than 56 different metallic cartridges in center and rimfire, with a variety of new options introduced for 2016. Those who have tried Aguila due to shortages of availability have continued to use this ammunition even once other brands became available because of its performance and value.

Whether you are shooting your modern sporting rifle, your daily carry pistol, your favorite tin can-killing plinker, or your shotgun, Aguila has a round for you that you can depend upon to perform and that won’t empty your wallet.

Aguila’s ammunition is a great price value, and is usually available when other brands are having a hard time keeping stock on the shelves. If you haven’t tried it yet, pick some up the next chance you get, and you may just become a customer for life, even when ammo isn’t in short supply.

Your local Sportsman’s Warehouse keeps a wide selection of Aguila ammunition on hand, so pick some up before your next range day, and shoot the way you did before ammunition was expensive and hard to find.