For small game hunting, more explosive damage to soft reactive targets, and improved accuracy and reliability, or super quiet low recoil, the newest line of hollow point rimfire rounds from Aguila have you covered.

Achieving velocities up to 1,700 feet per second all the way down to subsonic speeds of 1,024 FPS, and a wide range in between, these new rounds cover the entire rimfire gamut giving you a wide range of uses and capabilities. Each features the patented Aguila Prime technology, engineered and tested to meet stringent Olympic shooting standards, for reliable ignition and steady burn of the powder. These rounds use premium components for cleaner burning more reliable and consistent performance and better accuracy, all at a price that beats the pants off the competition.

Supermaximum Hollow Point
Zipping along at 1,700 feet per second, the Supermaximum Hollow Points from Aguila deliver 109-foot pounds of energy on target at 100 yards. The 30-grain copper plated bullet screams downrange, retaining speeds of nearly 1,200 feet per second at 100 yards. Perfect for stretching out small game or varmint hunting distances beyond what you would normally achieve with a rimfire .22, the Supermaximum gives you greater capability and blistering speed and terminal performance on small game, letting you take larger animals at greater distance.

Interceptor Hollow Point
For small game and target practice, the Interceptor Hollow Point provides a high-speed round that is less effected by the wind, extending your range over standard velocity rounds. The hollow point 40 grain copper plated bullet delivers more energy with 116-foot pounds at 100 yards. Leaving the muzzle at 1,470 feet per second, it retains a lot of its speed coming in at 1,056 FPS at 100 yards. Even though the heavier bullet eats more energy, it still has a lot left in the tank when it gets there to do the job, and plenty of accuracy to stay on target.

Super Extra Hollow Point
Faster than a standard speeding bullet, the Super Extra is my go-to target practice round. Giving me the match aerodynamics of a match bullet, the hollow point 38 grain copper plated bullet slices through the air with amazing performance. It is my favorite for steel spinners popping metal with 94-foot pounds of energy, which is plenty to set them to motion. They leave the muzzle at 1,280 feet per second and arrive on target at 100 yards at 1,010 FPS. Accurate, reliable, and inexpensive, the Super Extra Hollow Point is the perfect target round, but the hollow point and controlled expansion also make them an excellent round for varmint control.

Subsonic Hollow Point
For suppressed shooting or just a quieter round with less recoil unsuppressed, the Subsonic Hollow Point provides a 38-grain uncoated hollow point bullet at a quiet muzzle velocity of 1,024 feet per second. Despite its low speed it still delivers plenty of punch downrange with 72-foot pounds of energy at 100 yards. Combined with reliable and consistent expansion, it is a great tool for pest control in populated areas or practice for those influenced by noise and recoil.

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