Aguila Ammunition is one of the largest manufacturers of rimfire ammunition in the world. Until the great ammo shortage of 2013, Aguila ammunition had a strong reputation for their quality, accuracy, and unique product offering, however it did not yet have broad awareness. When ammo was hard to find, many grabbed every round of rimfire ammo they could get, and more and more people discovered the quality and affordability of Aguila and found that it provided a more accurate and reliable shooting experience at a great price. Now that there is more .22 ammo on the shelf, shooters have a wide selection of choices, but an ever-growing number of shooters are choosing Aguila above all else.

Sportsman’s Warehouse carries the full line of Aguila .22 long rifle ammo for everything from target practice to hunting small game. Each features the specially crafted Aguila Prime technology for reliable ignition in all conditions. Here are four key products consumers should be aware of.

Super Extra Standard Velocity
For everyday plinking, the standard velocity Super Extra provides a lead round nosed bullet, making it an ideal match for target shooting and competition. Many competitions, like the Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association, require non-expanding solid tipped bullets. The standard velocities of around 1,130 feet per second of the Super Extra provide enough punch to cycle semi-autos, but without the higher speeds of high velocity rounds. Topped with a 40-grain bullet, they are inexpensive, readily available, and provide exceptional reliability, making them a great choice for target shooting.

Super Extra High Velocity
The Super Extra High Velocity rounds feature a solid tipped, copper coated 40-grain bullet, and travel at speeds of around 1,255 feet per second. This means they are less affected by wind and have greater accuracy over longer distances. The copper plating and high velocity ensures the most reliable feeding in semi-automatic platforms.

The Interceptor packs a punch most people do not expect from a .22 LR. Generating 1,470 feet per second out of the barrel, the 40-grain flat tipped copper plated round is an excellent hunting round where deeper penetration is desired. It is the fastest 40-grain .22 long rifle round on the market and has excellent accuracy and consistency. The bullet delivers 113 foot pounds of energy and is still traveling at 1,130 feet per second when it reaches a target out at 100 yards, so it can go far and still deliver when it gets there.

Sniper SubSonic
For those desiring a quieter load or for suppressed shooting, the Sniper SubSonic provides a longer heavy 60 grain lead bullet, fitted to a short case to give the same overall length of a standard .22 long rifle. It leaves the barrel at 950 feet per second, below the speed of sound, so not only does it eliminate the sonic boom, but the combination of a shorter case, heavier bullet, and only 1.4 grains of powder, reduces recoil and the explosive report of the burning propellant. This makes for a whisper quiet round when suppressed and minimal report unsupressed. Because of their heavier bullet, these rounds are recommended for use in a rifle with a 20-inch barrel or longer.

If you haven’t already tried them, pick up some Aguila rimfire ammo at your local Sportsman’s Warehouse before your next range outing. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.