When trekking through adverse weather conditions from the rainy marsh of south-east Alaska, to the blistering heat of southern Texas, you need a dependable bag that will out-last anything nature can throw at it, and ALPS OutdoorZ has made this possible through the Crusader X. This tough-as-nails waterproof duffel bag is designed to fight back against tough conditions, and keep your gear intact and safe, no matter the circumstances.

This bag can be found in both standard and extra-large dimensions, spanning from the 46L standard, coming in at only 2-pounds 8-ounces, all the way up to the massive 82L extra-large version, which weighs a mere 3-pounds 1-ounce. Fitting all your essentials, and even a few extra items, was never so easy, and with these bags you get the best of both worlds; easy to pack and fill up, and very easy to carry wherever you explore. The bag features removable, adjustable padded backpack straps, as well as a padded handle wrap, and additional grab handles on each end, making this bag a pleasure to carry and accessible from every angle.

The bag is a dark brown color, with ALPS’ own bright orange accents, so it’s appropriate for every hunting scenario and fits in with almost every terrain, not to mention it fits well as a daily-use bag too. Because of the ease of use that comes with this duffel, it’s ideal for anything from a hardcore hunting situation, all the way down to a bag that you carry your gym clothes in.

The impressive combination of the 1680D TPU material (which is a nylon compound found in many military fabrics), welded seams, and a roll top closure all come together to form a completely waterproof duffel that can conquer any situation.

The bag also features dual compression straps on top, meaning if you find it difficult to fit all of your gear in a traditional duffel bag, this technology eliminates that problem, making it possible to completely compress your gear, and opens up the door for bringing more items into the field.

I can personally vouch for the toughness and waterproofing of this bag, as I brought it with me on a tough 10-day brown bear hunt in Sitka, Alaska, where rain and snow are as common as the oxygen we breath. The conditions were adverse on a daily basis, and some days we had pouring rain for the entire day, yet I didn’t hesitate to bring this bag out on the water with us, and even left it sitting in the rain for hours at a time while we glassed from the boat. The one thing I didn’t try, was literally dropping the bag in the water to test out that waterproofing, but from seeing what this bag is capable of, first hand, I wouldn’t be worried about my gear, should it somehow fall overboard.

This bag is a must-have for anyone looking to keep their gear safe and dry, and while many other “waterproof” duffel bags are available on the market, none will compete with the performance, price, and value brought to the table with the ALPS Crusader X. I highly recommend that you pick one up on your next trip to Sportsman’s Warehouse.