Anyone who knows precision rifles knows the name Bergara. World renowned for their precision rifle barrels, Bergara barrels can be found in use by many of the top competitive shooters and big game hunters all over the globe.

To capitalize on that reputation, Bergara has created an entire rifle with the same eye toward quality that they have cast toward making rifle barrels.

The B-14 Hunter takes the sub-MOA accuracy of their Chrome-Moly barrels and mated them to a smooth action, an amazingly crisp trigger and a comfortable and rugged stock to create a high-quality hunting rifle for the long-range hunter.

As you would expect from a company with a reputation like Bergara, the rifle starts with a barrel made of 4140 CrMo steel for performance under varying loads and climates, as well as rapid temperature bleed to stay cooler and handle hotter loads with less wear and tear on the barrel.

The stock is made of an injection molded glass reinforced polymer that has been coated with a SoftTouch material to give it a slightly tacky feel and improve grip. During the molding, steel pillars have been inserted into the polymer to reinforce the strength of the stock and provide support for the action.

The action features a double locking lug bolt and a Sako extractor, for a smooth and reliable action. A conical shaped bolt face and breech ensures more reliable feeding and extraction.

Bergara developed a specially curved trigger for consistent trigger squeeze every time. The adjustable trigger comes set from the factory at around 3-pounds.

The B-14 is available in either a floorplate configuration or with a detachable magazine, except in 6.5 Creedmore or 7mm Remington Magnum, which are only available in the floorplate configuration.

The B-14 is available in the following calibers and barrel twists:

  • 300 Win. Mag./1:10

  • 30-06/1:10

  • 270/1:10

  • 308/1:10

  • 243/1:10

  • 6.5 Creedmoor/1:08

  • 7mm Rem. Mag./1:09

As astounding as this rifle shoots, as smooth as the action is and for the reputation and quality of manufacturing it carries, what is most surprising is that this rifle starts at around $900. A rifle that provides this kind of performance typically costs thousands of dollars.

For your next hunting rifle, consider upping your game and adding a world-class rifle to your cabinet. This rifle shoots every bit as well as you would expect from a company like Bergara.

Check it out the next time you visit your local Sportsman’s Warehouse gun counter.