By Dan Kidder
Managing Editor

I have been wearing a Blackhawk Serpa for more than 15 years. It has been my daily carry holster and I have one for most of the handguns I own. The Serpa has been a reliable system for carrying and retaining my gun and I have been very pleased with the performance it provides. As a firearms instructor, I don’t hesitate to recommend the Serpa to my students.

The Serpa offers a patented retention device that is released easily with the natural draw of your gun by placing your finger on the release. If done properly, drawing the gun instantly indexes your finger alongside the slide of your gun, keeping it clear of the trigger.

It is made of a tough thermoplastic polymer and specific to your make and model of pistol. It comes with both belt loops for up to a two and a quarter-inch belt or a paddle. Included snap-locks let you keep it from sliding up and down on narrower belts. Both the belt slide and paddle allow it to be adjusted to six different angles of cant.

A passive retention screw allows the holster to be adjusted to make it easier or harder to draw the gun and hold it firmly in place through a variety of activities. The CQC version offers a slimmer design, less of a footprint and is easier to conceal under different cover garments. It comes in a smooth matte black color to help it blend in when covered. It comes in 43 different models, to accommodate the wide majority of firearms on the market.

A wide mouth and speed-cut design make it easy to re-holster quickly and also to get a good firing grip on the gun during drawing.  The CQC has a deeper finger channel that guides the finger to the release lever and allows the finger to slide along the holster to index on the side of the slide for safety.

For positive retention, easy concealment and excellent reliability and safety from your holster, check out the Serpa Close Quarters Concealment Holster from Blackhawk at your local Sportsman’s Warehouse.