Knowing the range to your target is only half the battle. Until recently, your typical rangefinder under $1,000 was pretty accurate out to about 600 yards. Bushnell has blown that distance out of the water with the Elite CONX 1Mile Rangefinder.

Boasting distances of up to 1,760 yards (1 mile) with accuracy of up to +/- ½ yard, not only does the Elite CONX 1Mile provide you proper distance, but with the addition of Bushnell's A.R.C. technology, it will compute and compensate for angle. It will compute holdover for three ballistic curves in MOA, inches, or MIL.

With 7x magnification, it will also help you see what you are ranging at those distances. Its Vivid Display Technology gives you crystal clear viewing whether far away or up close. Multicoated lenses resist dust and moisture and provide exceptional clarity and contrast. And the lenses are also coated in Bushnell's Rainguard HD to cause water beading for better visibility in wet weather. The entire unit is also armored in a tough abrasion resistant rubberized skin for a positive grip in damp conditions.

Variable Sight In lets you “zero” at 100, 150, 200 or 300 yards. Three ranging modes let you range to a specific target, scan across the landscape constantly reading range, or pick out the range to something obscured by brush with Bulls Eye, Scan, and Brush modes.

The second generation E.S.P. processor rapidly computes distance and range computation for rapid target ranging.

The Elite CONX 1Mile is more than just a rangefinder, with the ability to connect to your smartphone and the Bushnell CONX app. This will input the range and angle data from your Elite CONX 1Mile and feed it into the Bushnell ballistic calculator for even greater accuracy.

Paired with the Kestrel Sportsman weather station and applied ballistics engine, the Elite CONX 1Mile will wirelessly feed data to the Kestrel, which is also collecting data from the atmosphere, to provide you an exact shooting solution for your environmental conditions, range, and inclination.

About the only thing this combo won't do for you, is pull the trigger. But it gives you all of the information you need to DOPE your scope, so if you miss, you only have yourself to blame.

Check out the Bushnell Elite CONX 1Mile Combo at your local Sportsman's Warehouse optics counter or online at