Flame to meat. It is a trait that few smokers on the market can claim and none can do for under a thousand dollars. Until the Camp Chef SG that is.

Possessing all of the Camp Chef Pellet Grill amazingness you have come to know and love, the SG adds the ability to flame grill your meat with wood fire inside the smoking chamber. This is accomplished by thin fire jets, precision cut into the grease tray to provide flame grilled food.

For smoking and indirect convection heat, simply use the lever to slide the heat guard into place to keep the fire tamed for brisket, ribs, fish or poultry. With Camp Chef’s Slide and Grill Technology, a simple pull of the lever pulls the heat guard out of the way, so you can have delicious flame broiling on your meat for cooking burgers or brats. With the Camp Chef SG, you get the best of smoke and fire flavor profiles in a single unit. The SG is configured with a removable shelf that will allow you to connect a BBQ Sear Box, to get that delicious hard sear to seal in moisture and flavor.

The Camp Chef SG has all of the features you have come to love in a Camp Chef Pellet Grill, like not needing a shopvac to swap the flavor of pellets or to clean out the ash. To change pellets, simply pull a lever and the unused pellets slide out the chute in the back of the 22-pound hopper. To clean out the ash, you can put that noisy vacuum away as well. Camp Chef’s patented ash clean out dumps the used-up fuel into a cup under the grill for easy maintenance and disposal.

Two internal meat probes let you cook multiple types or sizes of meat on the grill at the same time and the computer’s easy-to-read and set thermostat will show you the temperature of each probe with the push of a button.

On top, the larger cooking area and taller chamber means you have more room to cook for larger groups, the ability to smoke larger cuts of meat or you can keep food warmer on the moveable trays. More space means more options and the Camp Chef SG is all about options. The SG provides a total of 4,850 cubic inches of cooking space, with 429 square inches of grilling space on the bottom rack and an additional 382 square inches on the top rack.

Whatever you want to cook for the family, the Camp Chef SG has you covered. From vegetables, to smoking meats, to grilling burgers, you can replace all of your backyard appliances with the Camp Chef SG. Check out this innovative, award-winning design at your local Sportsman’s Warehouse.