Smoking light, flaky fish, searing hearty rib-eyes, ribs, chops, jerky or pretty much anything you can imagine is easier than ever with the Camp Chef SmokePro Pellet Grill. For those who want a feature packed grill without a premium price tag, the DLX is just the ticket.

With all of the features of the SmokePro line, the DLX has 429 square inches of cooking surface and includes a second 141-inch cooking rack.

The DLX provides a substantial, 18-pound capacity pellet hopper, so you can fill it up with Camp Chef Premium Hardwood Pellets and not worry about it running out of fuel. The 25,000 BTU/hour burner will achieve temperatures up to 500 degrees, which makes it one of the hottest grills on the market and ideal for grilling as well as smoking with a temperature as low as 160 degrees.

With both an internal temperature probe and an included meat temperature probe, the DLX gives you greater control of your cooking and makes it easier to properly regulate your temperature so you can cook faster or slower, depending upon your desired rate. An easy-to-use digital temperature dial gives you exceptional control.

Management of the DLX is also easier, with electronic auto ignition, a hopper cleanout for easily swapping pellets and an industry first ash cleanout so you don’t ever have to use a vacuum to suck out the remaining ash.

While pellet grills can get hot and cook a variety of meats, they don’t provide a direct flame sear to seal in all of the flavorful juices. Camp Chef has solved this dilemma by creating the SmokePro BBQ Sear Box, that easily bolts into pre-drilled and sleeved threads on the side of your pellet grill. Just remove the side shelf and bolt on the Sear Box.

The Sear Box features a propane powered, 16,000 BTU burner enamel coated cast iron grill for even grill marks and heating and a heat diffuser to vaporize grease and prevent flare-ups.

With the paring of the DLX and the Sear Box, you can get a professional quality reverse sear by slow smoking your steaks and chops in the DLX and finishing them on the Sear Box with a hard sear for a restaurant quality, bullseye doneness. There is no way to make a tender steak that is easier or more consistent.

Pairing these two cooking powerhouses in a single unit means only having to fire up one grill and removes the guess work, while improving your cooking. It also gives you the flexibility to smoke tender, flaky fish, cook a full turkey or cook other items that would be impossible on a standard grill or smoker.

Check out the Camp Chef SmokePro DLX and SmokePro BBQ Sear Box, as well as the full line of Camp Chef products at your local Sportsman’s Warehouse.