The CANIK TP9 pistol was all the rage at the 2017 SHOT Show and buzz was abounding as to when Century Arms would release a competition version of their Turkish-made duty gun. In March, the new TP9 SFx was released and now CANIK has upped the ante by creating a version complete with a Vortex Viper reflex red dot optic in the box and ready to mount.

CANIK’s TP9 SFx comes with an already milled slide to accept a variety of red dot optics and includes four different floor plates to allow the majority of red dots on the market to be quickly mounted. Each floor plate comes tapped on both sides for the installation of the included cocking handle. This handle makes it easier to cycle the slide with the red dot scope installed or for those with less hand strength.

The TP9 SFx is a full race gun, with a flared magazine well and comes standard with a pair of 18-round magazines, with +2 weighted magazine baseplates, to give you a total of 20 rounds of 9mm in each stick.

Inside the box, there are plenty of accessories for this pistol. A plastic organizer bin includes additional fiber optic posts for the sights, two additional-length magazine release buttons and a spare screw, mounting screws for the Viper and the tools you will need to mount and zero your optic. A cleaning brush and rod, microfiber cleaning cloth for your Viper, paddle retention holster and magazine loader are also included.

The single action only striker fired gun is larger overall than the standard CANIK pistols, with an elongated slide and a 5.2-inch barrel for enhanced accuracy. The gun has an overall length of 8.27 inches and is also taller, coming in at 6.2 inches high. This extra height is contained in the grip, to give the shooter plenty of area to hold onto.

Ergonomic grip and integrated texture of the palm swell is welcomed, as well as stippling on the front and rear of the grip, make it cling to the hand like it was tacky. The grip contour makes it very comfortable and controllable in the hand. The TP9 SFx also comes with two backstraps of slightly different size, so it can be fine-tuned to the hand of the shooter.

The longer slide has relief cuts to cut weight, so the larger gun is only slightly heavier than a standard TP9. It is Cerakoted, in tungsten grey, to give it a modern look and to protect the finish.

Take a look at the CANIK TP9 SFx the next time you visit your local Sportsman’s Warehouse gun counter.