The Zeiss company is truly the innovator when it comes to optics for hunting. The vision of this company has shaped the direction for optics for well over a century. Their innovation and vision of this new line of rangefinding binoculars is on point with what has set them apart from other manufacturers. Instead of just trying to be in the game and just delivering products like their competition, they have developed a rangefinding binocular, which will be the standard measure going forward.

When you see the name Zeiss, it’s pretty safe to say that the glass, coatings and and all parts of the optics are as good as you can possibly get. And, knowing it is in the top-end Victory line in this case, lets everyone know that they brought the very best to the table to give you a high-end optical experience.

They have delivered four models for 2018 which are the 8X42, 10X42, 8X54 and 10X54. We have had the pleasure of testing the 10X54 for the past few months, which have specifications of 7.5” high by 6.0” wide. They tip the scales right at 40-ounces (2 lbs. 8 ounces).

The one thing that should be noted about the initial view of these RF binoculars is that they don’t show any indication of being anything more than just binoculars at first glance; no odd shaped barrels, no overly large or have protruding buttons which look extremely out of place. They are just a sleek looking set of binos.

Now let’s discuss what is under the hood that’s going to change the playing field. When you open up the box, it’s very obvious that there is some smart technology involved and that the Zeiss Hunting App, which is your platform to unleash the technology of this specific product is paired via Bluetooth technology. The rangefinder itself is capable of ranging out to over 2500-yards and we have gotten measurements out to over 3000-yards on reflective targets. The App provides literally thousands of different ammunition and bullets in its database to match your current shooting system and if you hand load, you can plug in this data as well. You have a multitude of choices on what you are able to see in the binocular as well as the order you receive it once you do a range. Yardage to target, angle range compensation, as well as MOA correction is my choice based on my current load data. The most important thing to note is that this is CORRECTED data, which means that this unit has taken in the barometric pressure, altitude and temperature and issued me the corrected data in order to make an extremely accurate shot.

Zeiss has hit a home run with the placement and adjustability of the rangefinding/set buttons. They are placed perfectly for me, as a right-handed archery hunter, from the factory. I don’t need ridiculously long fingers to make things work when I have a bow in one hand and my rangefinding binos in the other. You left-handed bowhunters can have the same benefit, by making a change in the App and swapping sides electronically. This is a major ‘wow’ factor and the cherry on top of an already unbelievable piece of equipment.