Following a history composed of well over a century of metalworking craftsmanship and known worldwide for the reputation of enduring quality and precision, Franchi has finally released their first iteration of the bolt-action rifle, called the Momentum and they’ve knocked it out of the park in terms of accuracy, quality of parts and reliability.

Typically, I’d shy away from any company’s first attempt at a bolt-action rifle, however the experience and reputation of Franchi gave me the confidence to try out this rifle and I was pleasantly surprised by everything about this gun.

The first and most distinct feature about this rifle is the ergonomic design and Franchi has done this properly with a specially designed stock, available in both a black synthetic material and a wood stock. If you decide to go with the 150th Anniversary Edition, it comes chambered in .30-06 Springfield with a special wood stock and a 22” non-threaded barrel. The rifle is designed to be light and maneuverable, yet solid and reliable; essentially the Momentum feels like an extension of the body, regardless of shooting position and feels like it was simply designed to be a tack driver that is also extremely comfortable. The stock is designed to fit comfortably, utilizing a TSA Recoil Pad that reduces recoil by 50%, as well as a checkered recess near the base, designed to give your hand a place to sit when bench shooting.

The Momentum comes in six different and popular hunting calibers, from .243 Win all the way to the mighty .300 Win Mag. However, it’s also available in three rifle-only configurations (black synthetic, threaded, or plain barrel) or you can buy it as a package with a 3-9x40mm Burris scope.

The versatility and compatibility of this rifle are great features and make this affordable rifle more useful in a wider selection of scenarios. The bolt on the Momentum is spiral fluted, featuring three large locking lugs to stay secure and has a 60-degree throw, meaning that in those intense hunting scenarios where you need to get a second or even third shot off, you can do so with this gun.

I personally took this gun out to the range and the resulting accuracy that I discovered with the .30-06 Springfield model was incredible. The comfortability of shooting this gun from a bench was largely a result of the free-floating, cold hammer-forged precision barrel, which also features a threaded end cover for attaching muzzle accessories and the Momentum’s super light 2- to 4-pound adjustable trigger made squeezing off rounds a breeze.

Lastly, every single rifle is protected by Franchi’s industry-leading 7-year parts, labor and shipping warranty, meaning that you don’t have to worry when taking this gun out on a backcountry hunt. In a sporting goods field that’s full of rifles in a similar price range, Franchi has proven once again that they know exactly what they’re doing when it comes to assembling high quality firearms and in their first iteration of the highly-popular bolt-action hunting rifle, they’ve knocked it out of the park.