For 2016, Garmin, the world leader in navigation products, has launched their newest GPS and GMRS/FRS radio pairing, the Rino 755t as part of the new Rino series.

Retaining all of the functionality of previous Rino models, as well as compatibility with previous version accessories, the Rino 755t features a larger 3-inch capacitive touch screen with dual orientation, making it mountable in multiple configurations. This larger screen is also more sensitive and provides better backlighting for easier viewing in various lighting conditions.

The improved 8-megapixel digital camera allows you to quickly capture photos of your excursions and geotags them with location information for easy sharing with applications such as Google Earth.

Large and easy to manipulate volume controls make it easier to adjust with gloves than the touch screen controls on previous versions.

The addition of Bluetooth connectivity means that you can easily pair your Rino 755t with headsets, as well as a mobile device for accessing real-time weather radar map overlays relevant to your location. The Bluetooth connection also allows users to directly download geocaching data wirelessly from

Features that users of the 600 series of Rinos have come to appreciate, like location broadcast and easy to navigate user interface, are also included in the 755t.

The lowercase letter T in the model name denotes the inclusion of detailed TOPO 100k topographic maps, but the 755t also comes with a free 1-year subscription to BirdsEye Satellite Imagery.

The 755t provides both GPS and GLONASS for improved accuracy in difficult terrain and provides ½-watt FRS radio transmission and 5-watts on GMRS (U.S. only) radio transmission. It offers the ability to see the position of other Rino 6xx and 7xx users in range.

The device is compatible with ANT and Bluetooth accessories and can even act as a remote for your Garmin Virb action camera.  It has an IPX7 water and dust resistant rating, so it is great for a variety of activities and environments. A micro SD slot lets users install custom maps and also stores images from the digital camera.

The rechargeable battery pack has a standard life of approximately 14 hours of normal use and an optional battery pack lets users substitute AA batteries. An internal three-axis digital compass also provides altimeter and barometric measurements for navigation and weather. Additional apps such as a calculator, stopwatch, alarm clock, hunting and fishing times, calendar, area calculation and sun and moon phases make the Rino 755t a perfect backwoods companion when your smartphone isn’t getting service.

Far more than just a radio or a GPS or a camera, the Rino 755t provides multiple functionality and compatibility with other Rino users. Check them out at your local Sportsman’s Warehouse or online at