Leupold’s top of the line Mark 5HD is nothing short of spectacular. Whether you are looking for a tactical scope for your .338 Lapua or just a great American made long range hunting scope, this unit is a must see.

The 35mm tube and the use of the Twilight Max HD Light Management system gives this scope extremely great low light performance. It comes in two different power range options, 3.6-18X44 and our test model is the 5-25X56. Compared to other scopes in this range, the weight will blow your mind (30 ounces). In some comparisons, it is in excess of a half a pound lighter than competing products. Not a big deal if you are talking about a truck gun, but one you would like to haul around on hunting rifle, it’s a big difference.

This is a front or first focal plane (FFP) scope, which means that the subtension measurements are the same throughout the magnification range. This gives you the ability to judge known sized objects at distances out past your rangefinders capabilities. This scope is only available in MRAD (AKA Mil Radian) adjustments. If you aren’t familiar with this, no need to freak out. It would be very relative to 1/3 MOA. A Mil is 3.6” and the adjustments for both windage and elevation on this scope are 1/10 MOA or .36 inches per click. This scope gives you an elevation adjustment range of 34.9 MILS which is just a hair over 120 MOA equivalent. This setup gives you 3 complete revolutions of the turret and gives you the ability to shoot out past most people’s ability, (I said most). The M5C3 Zero Lock will ensure that you are back to your zero with an obvious pop out button. This is easily detected even in the dark with the touch of your thumb. For those that have the ability to shoot further than the turrets ability, the vast array of reticles available in illuminated as well as non-illuminated give you precise MIL holdovers and windage hashmarks to get you on target for those extreme long shots.

The 5:1 zoom ratio on this scope gives you good top end magnification as well as bottom end field of view for just about any application. The overall length of our test model scope is 15.67”. The 35mm main tube has a limited number of rings available, but Leupold doesn’t leave you hanging in that department either. They build hard core American made rings specific to this scope and the others in the line which have the 35mm tubes. It comes with flip open lens covers and Leupold’s full lifetime guarantee. This means if your product doesn’t perform as promised, Leupold will repair or replace it for free. No proof of ownership or warranty card required and did I tell you it was made in the U.S.A?