Everyone who shoots is familiar with the Magpul PMAG, but many aren’t as aware that Magpul makes a wide variety of shooting accessories.

While the Ruger 10/22 Takedown rifle is a very cool innovation, Magpul has upped the ante by creating a replacement stock that enhances the coolness factor of this already cool gun.

The X-22 Backpacker is easily installed by removing the main stock screw on both the receiver and the barrel. Once removed, the old stock is replaced with the X22 Backpacker, adding even more features.

The X-22 Backpackpacker has a storage compartment that will hold up to three 10/22 rotary magazines. It also contains a removable divider to allow you to carry two magazines and a standard 50 round box of .22 long rifle ammo in the stock. The standard height flip up compartment cover can also be replaced with the included higher cheek rest for optics that need higher cheek weld for a comfortable sight picture every time.

In the base of the pistol grip is a rubber gasketed watertight sealed storage compartment for whatever you choose to put in there, such as spare batteries for your optic, a small survival kit, or other small items.

The exceptionally awesome feature is that the fore end snaps into the buttstock to hold the barrel assembly in place when the rifle has been taken apart into two segments. This holds the barrel in place and turns the dissembled rifle into a single easily transported unit. A pair of squeeze buttons release the barrel from the stock, allowing for rapid assembly of the rifle.

While the 10/22 Takedown is already tapped and comes with an optic mount rail, the addition of the Magpul X-22Backpacker Optics Mount allows you to place a red dot sight or a Scout scope on the fore end over the barrel, for a perfect return to zero every time. It clamps to the barrel and replaces the factory installed barrel block on the 10/22 Takedown by simply removing the spring latch and the two retaining bolts.

Magpul also has released a great set of pouches for the adventurer. These heavy-duty polymer cases are made with serious waterproof zippers that let you carry small items and they come in three sizes and with the option of a clear window for easily viewing maps or other documents. Punchouts in the corners allow the attachment of cord or carabiners to attach the pouches to a pack. Recessed dots let you use a paint pen to create a digitized description of the contents and the pouches come in an assortment of your favorite tactical colors.

Finally, Magpul has created the perfect belt for the concealed carrier. Featuring a quality cowhide exterior that is durable and stylish, they have a polymer backing to provide shape and strength without sagging. With the appearance of a casual or dress belt, these rugged belts can not only keep your pants up, but are also designed to hang a variety of tools from them as part of your EDC.

Take a look at all of the Magpul accessories on display in your local Sportsman’s Warehouse.