By James Dansie

We’ve been using Nightforce products for years at the Sportsman’s News and we especially love the SHV line of riflescopes. The SHV perfectly combines our love for long distance shooting with our passion for hunting and we appreciate the work that Nightforce puts into them to make them one of the most versatile mid-power scopes out there. The new SHV 4-14X50 F1 brings the first focal plane option to the SHV line. This new feature gives you the ability of precision shooting by holding for elevation and windage at any magnification just by using the intelligence built into the reticle.

You can choose between two different reticle designs, MOAR or MIL-R. These are two of Nightforce’s most popular designs and both reticle options come with an illuminated center cross. Like I said before, we love the SHV line for its versatility and the 4-14x magnification range offers an excellent combination of large field of view at lower power and resolving power at higher magnification. A 50mm objective, combined with a 30mm main tube, will give you excellent light transmission at any time of day and also allows for a maximum adjustment range of 90 minutes or 26 mil-radians. The adjustments are quarter-minutes of angle or tenth mil-radians, based on which reticle you choose.

The Nightforce ZeroSet feature also comes standard and will quickly get you back to zero in any condition. The parallax adjusts from 25 yards to infinity and the adjustment nob is textured to give you a non-slip grip, making it easy to adjust quickly. The illumination dial is attached to the parallax adjustment dial and has 11 brightness settings, ensuring that you will have the proper brightness for any time of day. Depending on the intensity you choose and the environmental conditions, the battery can last over 720 hours on continuous use. Even with the high battery life, Nightforce makes it easy to turn the reticle off by putting an off setting in between each of the on settings. SHV riflescopes go through a rigorous inspection process so you can feel confident with it on your rifle in any condition.