As long-range shooting becomes more popular, getting accurate ranges is becoming more difficult.

As you reach out with your rangefinder, objects are hard to keep centered and your shaking hands are magnified until it is nearly impossible to focus on your target.

Nikon has built a rangefinder with the best of both worlds; all of the features you have come to expect from a Nikon rangefinder, as well as distance and stabilization, in one compact unit.

The Monarch 3000 offers stabilized ranging out to 3,000 yards, which is nearly two miles. To keep your target from getting lost at that distance, the Monarch 3000 features a 6X magnification viewfinder.

With a comfortable ergonomic exterior, the Monarch 3000 can be easily operated with just one hand. The rubberized exterior coating keeps it from slipping out of your hands, even in damp weather.

The coated optics are waterproof and fogproof to give you a clear image, no matter the weather. The optical coatings give you a bright clear image and the long eye relief and wide field of view let you easily acquire your target. Automatic or five manual levels of brightness options let the readings be visible no matter how bright or dark the ambient light.

The real metric of performance is how well and how fast it works to gather data. The internal, lightning fast HYPER READ Technology gives you fast ranging measurement and data computation. Coupled with the Nikon ID Technology to give you compensated range data for angle, the Monarch 3000 is an accurate and fast tool to get you on target quickly and easily.

This award-winning rangefinder offers two standard measurement modes: first target priority mode allows you to range an object as small as a fence post, while distant target priority mode displays the range of the farthest target among a group of targets measured.

Employing Nikon’s STABILIZED system, vibrations of the image in the viewfinder caused by wind, adrenaline, cold and other hand movements, are reduced and the irradiated laser is also aligned at the same time. Because you can direct the laser onto the target faster and more easily, the ease of measurement to a small target is greatly improved; all achieved by Nikon’s original technologies that are a fusion of vibration reduction and high-performance measurement function. These technologies work together to reduce to one fifth the amount of movement perceived through the eyepiece.

With a range of measurement between 8- to 3,000-yards, the Monarch 3000 Rangefinder from Nikon is a great tool for any weapon with which you might choose to hunt. Check it out at your local Sportsman’s Warehouse optics counter.