The folks over at Nite Ize know lighting. For 2016 they have created two new lighting products, the 400L Lantern and the Inova STS PowerSwitch Headlamp.

theshorelinemarket_2434_273275895Nite Ize 400L Lantern
The Nite Ize 400L Lantern is a compact battery powered lantern, with big lighting capability. Featuring three brightness levels, a single push button switch and a rugged case, the 400L Lantern provides up to 400 lumens of light projected onto a conical reflector for 360 degrees of light. Simply push the button again to cycle through dimmer settings of 170 lumens or 30 lumens. The lower the lumen setting, the longer the battery life. The 400L provides 26 hours of continuous runtime at 400 lumens on the three D-batteries. It provides 112 hours of runtime at 170 lumens and a whopping 795 hours of continuous runtime at 30 lumens. The 400L also comes with a carrying bag that acts as a diffuser to soften the light output and protect your eyes from the bright LED. A spring clip on top allows the lantern to be hung in a tent or over a table in your campsite. It weighs a mere 11.6 ounces and stands just under 8-inches tall by 3.86 inches in diameter.

theshorelinemarket_2434_1252267801Inova STS PowerSwitch Headlamp
Fumbling with buttons on your headlamp can be a pain, especially when it is cold. For 2016, Nite Ize has improved their Swipe-to-Shine (STS) technology to make their headlamps more responsive. STS allows you to just slide your finger to the left to activate the white light. Slide again and it flashes. Slide to the right and the light will turn off. From the off position, a slide of the finger to the right will activate two small red LEDs and a second slide will cause them to flash. From any position that the light is shining, a quick slide will turn it off.  In addition to the improved STS technology, the new Inova STS has a removable, rechargeable lithium battery that can be connected to a micro USB cable for recharging. While it is recharging, you can power the headlamp with three standard alkaline AAA batteries, giving you the option of power sources. It comes with a comfortable 1-inch wide adjustable strap, but will also work with any of the Inova Multi Mount Systems for attachment to their bike mount or helmet mounts. The headlamp will run for two hours and 20 minutes on 280 lumen high white, and 76 hours on 9-lumen low white and for 58 hours on 8-lumen high red and 785 hours on .3-lumen low red on the rechargeable lithium battery. It sill run three hours and 10 minutes on 265 lumen high white, 108 hours on 9-lumen low white, 69 hours on 8-lumen high red and 875 on .3-low lumen low red on AAA batteries.

Check out the great new lights from Nite Ize at your local Sportsman’s Warehouse store.