Soft sided coolers have carved out a new market in the outdoor community over the past couple of years and when you spend a lot of time in the outdoors, you know they have a purpose. One thing is for sure, they are definitely here to stay.

OtterBox, which is the same company that has been protecting those thousand-dollar mobile devices for decades and is right here in the good ol' United States of America is also known for their outdoor gear as well. In this case we are talking about their soft side coolers and specifically their Trooper LT30, which is truly one of the best in its class.

The Trooper LT30 has a 30-quart capacity and will literally hold ice for multiple days. The overall design of the soft cooler in general is more ease of use and day and weekend trips where a full-sized hard cooler which takes up a lot of room is just overkill. The LT30 knocks it out of the park when it comes to these types of trips.

First off, loading this thing up with all of your snacks and drinks as well as enough ice to keep it cold is done easily with the extremely wide opening. Once done and you close it up, the compound latch and the leakproof seal keeps your content and melted ice inside the cooler where it belongs, even if it tips over in the backseat. When you have a cooler loaded down with the weekend’s necessities, it could be fairly heavy, but the well-designed carrying strap is second to none. If the shoulder strap works for you on a short distance, you are good to go. However, a minor strap adjustment and you have a full backpack strap over both shoulders. This keeps the unit from sliding off of your shoulder as well as leaves both hands free to carry fishing rods, tackleboxes, or all your wife’s stuff. It has a durable inner frame and the abrasion resistant bottom is going to endure years of punishment. The soft sides on the cooler provide enough give to keep the paint intact on your boat, yet still keep its shape. It has two water resistant exterior pockets to store your phone or other important items. It is equipped with OtterBox’s accessory mounting system as is on all of their coolers which consists of items like drink holders and bottle openers. OtterBox has included a bottle opener with this model, so you are already to hit the woods. It comes in numerous different colors and can be found on the shelves of your local Sportsman’s Warehouse in Alpine Ascent color. In the event you ever have a problem with your cooler, it is covered by OtterBox’s limited lifetime warranty.