New for 2017 is the Sig Electro-Optics KILO2400ABS Laser Rangefinder, truly one of the most powerful and durable rangefinders we have ever tested. It is designed for the extreme long range shooter, where pinpoint accuracy is essential.

The kit comes complete with everything you will need to take precision shooting to the next level. The Molle Bag holding your kit includes the KILO2400ABS in its’ own nylon carry bag, tripod adapter, smart phone jack wind meter, three batteries and SIG SAUER’s tactical pen/stylus.

The KILO2400ABS is embedded with Applied Ballistic Elite technology, which is designed to work hand in hand with the Sig Ballistic App for your smart phone. The rangefinder itself is built with a tough magnesium chassis, with binocular style eyecup and diopter adjustment. The 7X25mm monocular, with SpectraCoat anti-reflection coatings, provides excellent light transmission and optical clarity.

Out of the box, the unit is set for the simplest operation and all you need to do is install one of the three included batteries to be up and running. This will allow the most basic of users to push the range button and get extremely fast and accurate ranges out past 2000 yards. The Lightwave DSP Technology in the ranging engine provides the fastest ranging we have ever tested. Even during fog and rain, where most rangefinders struggle, the KILO2400ABS didn’t falter even in the harsh conditions of southeast Alaska’s spring bear season.

The trademarked Lumatic Display automatically calibrates the brightness of your LED display which ensures a bright display during sunny days and reduces it to a minimal amount of light in those twilight hours, as to not rob you of your night vision. The Hyperscan Mode is entered into by pressing and holding the range button. This will generate four readings per second, which is ideal when you are looking at extremely long ranges.

If you never use any of the other features of this rangefinder and aren’t a techy, you will be ecstatic with the KIILO2400ABS. However, if you are a gadget and tech junkie, the next level of this rangefinder will take you over the top. Paired with the Sig Ballistics App for your smart phone, you can get the most out of your rangefinder. You can plug in up to four custom rifle profiles, which will then take into consideration the outside temperature, barometric pressure and humidity from the onboard sensors and will provide you with the correct holdover in MIL or MOA. The WeatherFlow Windmeter can be plugged into your smart phone and will provide you the correct windage adjustments for your custom rifle profiles. In short, if it has an effect on bullet travel, the KILO2400ABS has the ability to measure and account for the change in impact location.

Whether you are a basic user that wants a high quality rangefinder or an extreme long range shooter that wants to account for all outside forces, the SIG KILO2400ABS is for you.